Monday, May 3, 2010

TV guest spot: Robert Plant 'jilted' by Alison Krauss?

Robert Plant admits he "may have been jilted" by Alison Krauss in a television talk show that aired on Friday in England.

The comment came as the singer made a surprise appearance on "The One Show," helping to bid farewell to departing co-host Adrian Chiles. Throughout the appearance, Plant, a dedicated fan and now a vice president of the Wolverhampton Wanderers football team, traded jabs with Chiles, who supports the local rival, the West Bromwich Albion.

Last year, Plant and Krauss said they were in pre-production for a second album together, to follow up their Grammy-sweeping Raising Sand. However, plans have since changed, with Krauss returning to her band Union Station for a new album and Plant forming a Nashville lineup for an album and tour that will debut in the coming months.

Little has been stated publicly as to why Plant and Krauss are taking time off from their project, although they did agree not to force continuing it if the chemistry was not there during album sessions. In Friday's appearance on "The One Show," however, Plant may have begun to reveal another layer of truth regarding his involvement with Krauss.

While he remarked twice during his appearance that he had nothing to promote, presenter Christine Bleakley persisted in showing a clip of the 2007 Plant-Krauss video for their first single, "Gone, Gone, Gone (Done Moved On)." She then asked him about any current dealings between the two singers.

"I go dancing with Alison," Plant replied, echoing the sentiment about her contained in his recent official statement regarding the album he'll be releasing later this year. "We go dancing together, but she's gone back to her old band, back to the bluegrass stuff, and I'm with another band now in Nashville." Pressed for further comment, he added, "I may have been jilted at least, but I'm working on me catechism. I might get it all back next time around. That's how it's looking anyway."

Lest Plant's comments be taken as the gospel truth, most of his interview did not carry a serious tone.

At first, he walked onto the set, preceded by smoke and women throwing flowers. He wore a kingly crown with the Wolves team logo and the letters "VP," indicating his official capacity as a club vice president since August 2009. Entering the studio to the strains of an instrumental version of "Whole Lotta Love," he greeted the hosts and sat on a throne.

Later, when asked about the Starship airliner with which Led Zeppelin famously traveled on tour in 1973 and 1975, Plant launched into a comical story about being able to see the names of the plane's previous occupants underneath a coat of paint: Elvis Presley, and before that, Elton John. "It was going back further and further," he joked.


  1. She just twiddled him for money and fame. Robert Plant just retire!

  2. nossa não sabia dessa!!!! tadinho do Percy! mas ele ta muito engraçado com essa coroa na cabeça, kkkkk, meu lindinho teimosinho!!!!!

  3. What a Legend,top man


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