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We are in a time of expectation for Jimmy Page. Recent comments from the guitarist indicate he wishes to be seen in a way he has not been for some time. Following Led Zeppelin's reunion concert as 2007 ended, Page was not alone in favoring a tour with the group. When Robert Plant opposed a reunion, for a time Page instead favored putting a new band together with John Paul Jones and Jason Bonham. Since those plans likewise dissipated for reasons that are rarely discussed, it's not been known exactly what's next for Page.

Mostly -- though not entirely -- retreated from the public eye in recent years, one major exception to this came when he first participated as one of three guitarists profiled in Davis Guggenheim's documentary It Might Get Loud. In the widely acclaimed film, Page details his own personal history growing up in the 1940s and being attracted to the music of the 1950s. He also shares his thoughts on remaining creative later in life. It Might Get Loud was first shown at film festivals, then publicly in theaters, and finally released on DVD and Blu-Ray. Page helped to promote the film at various stages, fitting interviews and appearances into a schedule in 2008 that also saw him playing guitar at the closing ceremony of the Summer Olympics.

Page's first major action of 2010 has been the preparation and release of his own debut as an author. His book is an immediate collector's item; it is a pictorial autobiography available exclusively from Genesis Publications, a high-end retailer of collector books. While this leather-bound gem carries a high price tag, it is thought that Page will eventually announce plans to make a more affordable version of his text available to a wider consumer market.

Page, whose lack of trust in the media is well documented, has thus far been unwilling to disclose publicly whatever other plans he has in store for his planned comeback of 2010. Here he is promising new music in 2010 during an interview recorded in June:

As his plans are made known, Lemon Squeezings will be among the very first to cover them.

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  1. AGAIN EVERY1S4getting pagey, jonsey & jason layed down some original licks AND put them up, for now
    THEY all said it was some special stuff ,
    so you know its put up for robert to here when he's ready.
    ROBERT knows this, he knows its the first colaboration of pagey & jonsey since Zep & he knows what "they" call "special"

    ROBERT WILL get to it when the time is rite, & im sure if it "inspires him"
    he may play around with it,u know him
    z1inspector at aol

  2. I rather See Page Play With The Black Crowes Again.Lets Face It,Plant Lost His Voice After Houses Of The Holy.

  3. Some things are best looked upon and left as is. I can see Plant's point of no reunion tour. How could they possibly duplicate the past? For sure, they do not neeed the money.

  4. Jimmy Should Get Off His But And Make Some New Music And Get Out Start Playing.All He Seems To Worry About Is Zeppelin Reuniting.Jimmy,Have You Noticed What Mr.Jeff Beck Has Been Doing Or Eric Clapton,Their Out Playing And making New Music.You On The Other Hand Have Been Sitting On Your But Trying To Reinvent Led Zeppelin With An Old And Washed Up Robert Plant Who Can't Sing No More.Get Over It And Make Some New Music And Move On Already.

  5. thank God theres no reunion, Jimmy needs to do more then get off his But, he needs to stop being lazy and dig into the Arqives and dig out live material from early Japen concerts 1971 or 1972, and many others and start show ing some greatfullness and love to thirsty fans in the name of justest because Robert has no idea.

  6. I'm in favour of the last comment

  7. Good God people..... when will the truth be revealed , sad as it is, that Jim can't really play well enough anymore? I mean really! With that kind of money and time at your disposal and you can't even produce a couple of riffs to leak out into the E world? Let alone a tune or two? It just ain't happnin' friends.... it just ain't happnin' ......

  8. Jimmy Page....I have just the band for you to jam with. We are looking for a guitar player, and have talked about having you do the job. I am the bassist, and we are seeking a drummer and guitarist. The vocalist and I both think you'd fit us well, or even the other way around. We are in the states. Check out our stuff....we recorded this and made it up on the fly. Not perfect, but would be perfectly suited for your style. And we believe strongly we would be your gateway to getting back at those who doubt you. And I couldn't be more serious about this. If anyone knows how to reach Jimmy, please let me know. He has always been elusive.


  9. Are you people nuts..Jimmy is as good if not better than he ever was and Plants voice is fine...and how rude can you get! Get off his butt indeed, he's done enough for music to last for many generations to come, if he did nothing else from here on out..you bunch of whackadoodles. Ya would'nt know a great guitarist if they kicked you in your ass...hey there's an idea!

  10. Jimmy Page needs to get off his butt...are you people serious? Why do I read these comments, I should know better.

  11. jimmy injured his pinky and 4th finger left hand when it got caught in a train door years ago and with the onset of age it appears to have affected his ability to play certain songs,however being a dignified man he loaths sympathy or pity.I don't blame him one bit.He's also not a quiter and faces a good challenge.He's a winner and will keep at it until he can play even better than before.".Get off his ass"? People like you will never really get Led Zeppelin.....................George J


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