Monday, May 3, 2010

Promoter of Knebworth Festival sells his '79 stash to Led Zeppelin

Freddy Bannister, who promoted the Knebworth Festival series that featured Led Zeppelin in 1979, has sold his rights to the Led Zeppelin Knebworth '79 merchandise to Mythgem Limited. This report came to last month by way of Freddy's daughter, Wendy Bannister, a representative of his company.

Mythgem is a holding company owned by the surviving members of Led Zeppelin and the estate of John Bonham.

As a result of the transfer of rights, the Bannisters are no longer selling merchandise related to the 1979 Knebworth Festival. Their Web site at, however, does continue to offer goods associated with other festivals Bannister promoted, as well as his memoir, "There Must Be a Better Way."

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