Saturday, May 22, 2010

John Paul Jones answers 'the burning question that everyone wants to know': what strings he uses

When Jack White, Jimmy Page and The Edge were sitting in a circle sometime during their meeting filmed for It Might Get Loud, the U2 guitarist brought up a new topic using these words:
"You know, the -- the big question, the burning question that everyone wants to know ... What strings do you use?"

As first seen as an outtake for the movie when it was released on iTunes last December, Page replied that back in the 1960s, he didn't like how tough it was to play the sixth string of the typical set of guitar strings available in England at the time. For that reason, he said he would string his guitar using a banjo string -- "which was ... about the skinniest you could get" -- along with the five thinnest of the guitar strings in a set. He said he used this banjo string technique "for years."

Now, Jones has answered the question of what strings he uses on both mandolin and bass. He uses Elixir strings, and he explains why in this new video interview for the string manufacturer. For anybody not particularly interested in this technical topic, the interview starts off with several more accessible questions.

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