Wednesday, August 4, 1999

Robert Plant returns to the stage

The following news update appeared originally at a previous Web site of mine, "From Black Dog to Hot Dog."

Adding to the recent activity of Led Zeppelin members, Robert Plant played to a packed audience of 150 at Bishop's Gate in Shropshire, UK.

The opening act was local musician Pete Keely. Plant's set included blues-rock numbers like Donovan Leitch's "Season Of The Witch" and Tim Rose's "Morning Dew."

Zeppelin connections:
  • Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones played as session men on some of Donovan's recordings, but not "Season Of The Witch," a song which would become a concert staple for Page and Plant. The Vanilla Fudge, who toured with Zeppelin in the early days, recorded a spooky version of the song.
  • "Morning Dew" was co-written by Tim Rose, whose drummer in the summer of 1968 was John Bonham. The Jeff Beck Group subsequently recorded "Morning Dew" for their d├ębut album Truth that same year, which featured John Paul Jones on some tracks.