Sunday, May 2, 2010

Latest British rock LP heard at Americana music festival: 'Abbey Road'

As anyone could have learned on yesterday afternoon, the album the Waybacks and special guests performed at MerleFest this year was Abbey Road by the Beatles.

MerleFest is billed as a festival dedicated to Americana music, and yet every year the Waybacks played a Hillside Album Hour set, the subject of the set has been a British rock gem. This Beatles choice follows the Rolling Stones' Sticky Fingers last year and, of course, Led Zeppelin II in 2008. (The Zep set was officially released for digital download.)

Waybacks singer, guitarist and founding member James Nash responds to the observation regarding British albums and American music in the conclusion of my three-part interview with him. (To recap, Part One is here, and Part Two is here.)

Part Three also contains Nash's thoughts on how John Paul Jones introduced him to soul music.

Also, listen to what Nash has to say about the man who produced the last Waybacks studio album, Nashville session bassist Byron House, who will be part of Robert Plant's Band of Joy on an album and tour later this year.

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