Thursday, April 22, 1999

John Paul Jones' solo album to be released in September

The following report originally appeared on a previous Web site of mine, "From Black Dog to Hot Dog."

Former Led Zeppelin bassist and keyboardist John Paul Jones is going to release a new album this fall. September will be the month Jones' new album Zooma will be released on the Discipline Global Mobile (DGM) label.

Jones, who has produced albums for such bands as R.E.M. and the Butthole Surfers, has called the album "roaring and powerful." The multi-instrumentalist plays four-, ten-, and 12-string basses, as well as bass lap steel, kyma, mandola, organ, and guitars on the nine-track instrumental album. One of Zooma's pieces features the London Symphony Orchestra as conducted by Jones. He also arranges on the album.

Zooma is looked upon as the beginning of a solo career for Jones, which will include a planned world tour beginning in the States this autumn. But it is also a reflection of his past. He thinks of his first rehearsal with Led Zeppelin as roaring and powerful. Prior to being in Led Zeppelin, he had done arranging for such groups as The Rolling Stones and The Yardbirds. He also released a solo single ("A Foggy Day In Vietnam") before his days with Led Zeppelin.