Saturday, June 4, 2011

Jimmy Page surprises Donovan's crowd with onstage guest spot

Donovan and Jimmy Page play "Sunshine Superman"
Friday night in London.
Jimmy Page sat in with singer Donovan on Friday night in London, in a way reprising an in-studio collaboration dating back to the days before Led Zeppelin was founded.

Donovan recreated his 1966 album Sunshine Superman during his concert at the Royal Albert Hall, with the backing of an orchestra. One of the unnamed "very special guests" teased in advance of the gig turned out to be Page, who recorded electric guitar on the title track while he was one of London's most highly demanded session guitarists.

Page's onstage appearance amounted to adding guitar to "Sunshine Superman" and another one of Donovan's popular singles from that era, "Mellow Yellow."

Donovan, left, and Jimmy Page embraced
after their live rendition of "Mellow Yellow" on Friday.
The gig marked Page's first time playing (or miming) guitar in front of a live audience in more than two years. For the past decade, it was Page's eighth onstage appearance, including the Led Zeppelin reunion concert in 2007.

In recent years, Page has stated he is working on new music and that a return to live appearances would be imminent. He also released a pictorial autobiography last year, participated in the film It Might Get Loud, and planned a possible new group with such familiar artists as John Paul Jones and Jason Bonham.

The guitarist's current project involves developing an official website at