Steve Sauer is the writer behind Lemon Squeezings: Led Zeppelin News. He explains the genesis of this site in an interview with Led Zeppelin Examiner Sonya Alexander conducted and published in June 2010.
Examiner: How did Lemon Squeezings come together?

Steve Sauer: Lemon Squeezings came about technically in 2007, but it is just the latest in a succession of online formats that began in 1998. Not everybody in my personal life wanted to read everything I wanted to say about Led Zeppelin. My parents preferred the tones of Perry Como and Harry Belafonte to Robert Plant, so I spared them the trouble. That's what the Internet was for!

I sought out a community online that shared my enthusiasm for everything related to the band, and I spent a few days over the months between high school and college not earning money on some summer job like everybody else but just listing one event in Led Zeppelin's history for every day of the year. This was at the point when all I had read about Led Zeppelin were just two books, Dave Lewis's "Led Zeppelin: A Celebration" and Ritchie Yorke's "Definitive Biography of Led Zeppelin," and I'm sure I liberally lifted unattributed passages from both sources. As time went on, I became better educated about the rules of writing.

Quite quickly, this online newsletter I had created was going out to thousands of people every day, and it helped me land my first-ever interview with a musician, John Paul Jones. I was 21. He spent four hours of his day answering whatever questions I'd always wanted to know, and then I got to share my experiences with the thousands of people.
Read the full interview at Examiner.com.

Steve works as a writer and consultant for Carol Miller's "Get the Led Out," a nationally syndicated radio program dedicated to Led Zeppelin and appearing on 75 U.S. radio stations. He is also a freelance writer and musician.


  1. Steve, you had such a good idea not earning money on summers, but listening events on Led Zeppelin ! Thanks for Lemon Squeeze news ! Read you soon with pleasure !

  2. What happened with the updates, I enjoyed coming here everyday knowing I would find something new.
    What gaves.

  3. Hi Steve,

    I'm the 'anon' who got involved in an exchange with another 'anon' under the Bert Jansch 'Obituary' Post. I'm posting here in quiet hope that 'he' doesn't notice, although I'm sure if he does, he'll make some sort of comment. Obviously, you've not published my last post, and I can understand that - it was quite near the knuckle! lol...but I just wanted to apologise for my part in that argument and for using this site to vent my frustration at some really unfair and unkind comments about Jansch. Really un-called for I thought. You seem like a man with quite a balanced view on things and I agree that Led Zep and Bert Jansch are not mutually exclusive - you can enjoy both. As I said, I accidentally came across the Jansch article, but I have had a look around the other areas here and my compliments indeed. It's a great site...and I'll try not to get involved in any further arguments! Best regards....Gwyn

  4. Hello Steve,
    I hope you find this of interest or pass on to anyone who would like.
    we built the Bar from the cover - based on Ye Olde Absynthe House...

    Len Osanic
    Vancouver Canada

    Carouselambra / Live from Ye Olde Absynthe House


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