Monday, May 17, 2010

Jason Bonham passed up Led Zeppelin Experience offer last year; 'it wasn't right'

The son of the late John Bonham reveals that only because the timing is right is he planning to take Jason Bonham's Led Zeppelin Experience on tour this fall. In an official news release distributed today, Bonham says:
"When I was offered to put this together over a year ago, it wasn't right. This September 25th is the 30th anniversary of my father's passing -- I thought, what better way to celebrate his life than to do 30 shows for the 30 years he's been gone?"
That's what the plans are, according to the news release: "a limited engagement of 30 concert dates in North America."

It is a concert series that is said to "take you though a personal journey into Jason's past and put you at the center of this multimedia event."

An official Web site whereby one can sign up to receive e-mail updates,, currently includes the contact information for four booking contacts based in New York, Los Angeles, Canada and the United Kingdom. The news release promises that more information, such as band members and tour dates, are coming "soon."

The news release confirms the tour's partnership with Annerin Productions, which is responsible for a concert series called "The Pink Floyd Experience" as well as "Rain, A Tribute to the Beatles," the specific concert series Bonham says directly influenced him:
"I loved 'Rain' and its take on The Beatles. The way they used a timeline and news reel to create a mood, and crafted set changes throughout, it was stunning."
As such, the Jason Bonham's Led Zeppelin Experience concerts are to feature "a state-of-the-art sound system and light show" with "giant screens [that] display futuristic art and mood-setting home movies and photos."

Jason Bonham's Led Zeppelin Experience tells the Led Zeppelin story but through the perspective of Bonham's own eyes. He says:
"This is a personal trip through my life with the music of Led Zeppelin and how the music influenced me."
Bonham was 13 years old when he attended his father's band's last concerts in England, held at the Knebworth Festival in 1979. This is just one of the memories he will explore during the show. He says:
"I remember when I went to see Led Zeppelin live in 1979 at Knebworth, there were certain songs that stood out to me and will stay with me forever. I will also share other big moments in my life, time with my Dad and my relationship with the band. The show is far from being 'just another tribute band.' I want to make the show as personal as I can and show how much Led Zeppelin means to me."
Update: The New York Times blog "Arts Beat" has printed a write-up including some very revealing commentary from Bonham in a telephone interview.

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