Thursday, January 14, 2010

Jimmy Page receives U.N. award while announcing he will perform at Beijing concert

Update, Jan. 15: The headline above and the text of this article reflect a confirmation made to that Jimmy Page was "definitely confirmed" as a performer at the Show of Peace concert in Beijing on April 17. One day later, that confirmation was retracted by the same spokesperson on the basis that bookings cannot be confirmed until a further statement is issued in a few more weeks.
Update, Jan. 18: A trusted source tells that Jimmy Page will indeed play the Show of Peace in Beijing, as originally reported, while organizers remain unable to confirm headlining acts.

While Jimmy Page was announcing Wednesday he would perform at this April's Show of Peace concert in Beijing, the United Nations' Pathways to Peace also recognized the Led Zeppelin guitarist in presenting its first-ever award.

"We've been asked to give awards over the years but never have done so until this day," said Michael Johnson, a representative of the nongovernmental organization. "We're doing this because musicians have a global impact on the world, and we also know that people who use their name and fame for peace building need to be honored."

"Although this award has my name on it," said Page, "this is a tribute to the power of music and its positive effect. Music has been the most powerful language to reach the hearts of people around the world. During my career, I've experienced the connection and harmony that music can bring."

The press conference, held Wednesday in Beijing, took place primarily to announce some of the acts taking part during the free concert scheduled for April 17.

Page is chief among the acts now scheduled to appear, alongside the band Aerosmith and modern acts such as the Black Eyed Peas and Lady Gaga. Tens of thousands are expected in person to witness the show, and television and Internet broadcasts will allow billions more live spectators.

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