Friday, March 29, 2002

John Paul Jones interview with Lemon Squeezings (in 22 parts)

John Paul Jones sat down with me for an interview on Dec. 10, 2001. Because the interview was scheduled for only one hour of his time, I didn't bother to bring more than 120 minutes' worth of blank cassette tape. Jones and I started on time, but our conversation unexpectedly went on for nearly four full hours!

Over this time, he gave me an interview that is believed to be his longest and most in-depth since 1977. Also, Jones busted out the instruments he himself carried into his hotel upon arrival from a bus traveling from the previous night's gig in Connecticut.

As I mentioned, not enough tape was available to record the full conversation. Even if I had brought enough tape, certain things he told me were off the record and could never be repeated. Other portions that were taped were too inaudible to be transcribed. For these reasons, the full interview will never be published anywhere.

Nevertheless, I have broken the interview transcript portions available to me into 22 sections as outlined below:
  1. John Paul Jones on his early days
  2. John Paul Jones on the Yardbirds
  3. John Paul Jones on the formation of Led Zeppelin
  4. John Paul Jones on touring with Led Zeppelin
  5. John Paul Jones on the Bath Festival 1970
  6. John Paul Jones on blaming the Beatles
  7. John Paul Jones on Phil Carson
  8. John Paul Jones on the "drag queen" story
  9. John Paul Jones on the story that he was considering leaving Zeppelin early
  10. John Paul Jones on touring with John Bonham
  11. John Paul Jones on all the keyboard instruments he plays
  12. John Paul Jones on his Mellotron and Fairlight keyboards
  13. John Paul Jones on "progressive" music
  14. John Paul Jones on the "tight" Zeppelin
  15. John Paul Jones on Led Zeppelin's accusations of plagiarism
  16. John Paul Jones on journalists
  17. John Paul Jones on his daughter Jacinda's music
  18. John Paul Jones on his theatrical and cultural work in Spain
  19. John Paul Jones on the title of "Nosumi Blues" from his solo album Zooma
  20. John Paul Jones on his singing
  21. John Paul Jones on his unreleased and bonus tracks
  22. John Paul Jones on his management and record label
In addition to the above portions, we discussed other topics. Some of these exchanges have also been disseminated in my newsletter, "On This Day In Led Zeppelin History." These include:

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