Friday, April 30, 2010

James Nash of the Waybacks, always changing it up at MerleFest

Here's another installment of the Interview Series, this time with James Nash, singer, guitarist and founding member of the Waybacks.

His group will be performing two sets this weekend as part of MerleFest, held annually in North Carolina. One of those sets, featuring some special onstage guests, will be the Waybacks' yearly Hillside Album Hour.

Continuing a tradition they started in 2008 when they performed Led Zeppelin II in its entirety as a surprise to those gathered, they will play another full-length album set tomorrow afternoon. Its identity is currently unknown but will be revealed in Part Two. So, if you won't be at MerleFest to witness it in person, visit again tomorrow at 4:45 p.m. Eastern time to find out what album the Waybacks will perform!

Here's Part One of my three-part conversation with James Nash of the Waybacks. In it, he discusses his musical influences, how the Hillside Album Hour came about, and why Led Zeppelin II was chosen to kick off the tradition. Also, he learns a Led Zeppelin history lesson regarding the famous blues musician performing onstage nearby.
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