Thursday, October 8, 2009

Signed Led Zeppelin concert program fetches $2,800 in charity auction

As a result of a charity auction that ended tonight, $4,325 was raised in the sales of items related to Led Zeppelin. The proceeds are to benefit the Mount Sinai Hospital, Joseph and Wolf Lebovic Health Complex, located in Toronto.

The top item, by far, was a hardcover concert program signed by Jimmy Page, Robert Plant and John Paul Jones. The program, which was for Zeppelin's reunion concert on Dec. 10, 2007, was sold for $2,800.

Following are the 11 other Led Zeppelin-related items in the auction and their final prices:
  • $335 for an issue of the fanzine Electric Magic autographed on the cover by Jimmy Page
  • $230 for an issue of the fanzine Electric Magic autographed on the cover by Jason Bonham
  • $205 for a signed photograph of John Paul Jones taken at the Knebworth Festival in 1979
  • $200 for a CD insert from the Robert Plant/Alison Krauss album Raising Sand signed by Plant
  • $175 for "Bonham by Bonham," a biography of John Bonham written by his brother, Mick Bonham
  • $100 for an 8 mm reel containing three minutes of footage from a Led Zeppelin concert in 1972
  • $70 for the book "Led Zeppelin: The Montreux Concerts" signed by authors Sam Rapallo and Gilles Chateau
  • $70 for a photograph of Robert Plant taken in 1977
  • $50 for a live concert photograph of Led Zeppelin taken in 1975
  • $50 for a photograph of Jimmy Page taken in 1973
  • $40 for a promotional booklet promoting the 1997 release of the Led Zeppelin album BBC Sessions

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