Thursday, July 2, 2009

Jason Bonham joins Slash in Norway for all-star set including Led Zeppelin songs

As part of Jason Bonham's busy season, the drummer earned an assist June 30 by playing a 90-minute set at Norway's Quart Festival as part of Slash's backing band. They played four songs each with Ozzy Osbourne and Fergie on vocals, although the best singer may have been Franky Perez, who opened the set with "Immigrant Song" and also sang "Whole Lotta Love" as an encore. Scott Rowley, writing for Classic Rock magazine, expressed high praise for Fergie in her rendition of "Black Dog." Photographer Ross Halfin added, "Jason Bonham played drums and I must say he was right on it, he nailed every song."

Photo credit: Ross Halfin

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