Thursday, September 4, 2008

Jimmy Page expected with guitarist co-stars at film premiere, afterparty in Toronto

Jimmy Page is used to glitz and glam, but two big red-carpet affairs in one week?

The Led Zeppelin guitarist, who just turned up in London on Tuesday to receive a GQ award recognizing his band's Outstanding Achievement, is said to be partaking in festivities tomorrow night in Toronto as the new feature-length documentary starring him opens in a limited festival run.

The buzz is building about "It Might Get Loud," and adulation has already surfaced in Canada's National Post newspaper. Critic Bob Thompson predicts the 97-minute documentary "will get a documentary Oscar nod for Davis Guggenheim's history of the rock guitar as told and played by three generations of rock 'n' jagermeisters."

The film is scheduled for three public screenings during the Toronto International Film Festival, including its world premiere tomorrow at 9:15 p.m. at the Ryerson Theatre. The three guitarists featured in the film -- Page, The Edge from U2, and Jack White of both the White Stripes and the Raconteurs -- have all been mentioned as attending.

Their plans are also said to include an afterparty, the National Post reports. "Jimmy Page, Jack White and U2's The Edge are all expected at the south-of-Bloor party that's planned following the Friday night airing here of Davis Guggenheim's electrically-charged guitar doc It Might Get Loud," it says.

This would make the premiere and afterparty some of the hottest tickets in town, rivaling only perhaps those of star-studded Coen Brothers' latest big-screen submission.

After the premiere of "It Might Get Loud," the film is to move to the AMC 6 for its two other arranged screenings: on Sept. 7 at 10 a.m. and on Sept. 13 at 12 noon.

Currently, no distribution has been arranged for the film beyond these three showings associated with the festival. will report on any changes to this as they are announced.

Writer Thom Powers, in the film festival's official Web page about the documentary, says Guggenheim provides viewers with "intimate access to the creative process" of each guitarist, individually, before they meet for the first time to trade stories and influences -- and, of course, to jam.


  1. Let's recap where Jimmy's been recently. He went from China, where he played at the Olympics, to England, where he picked up an award. And now he's heading for Canada, where he'll be watching himself on the big screen. Quite the international star, our Jimmy!

    I wasn't born yet when "The Song Remains the Same" first hit theaters in 1976. But I did get to see Jimmy on the silver screen a few years ago when the Page/Plant No Quarter film played once for its 10th anniversary reissue.

    Can't wait til this film is distributed somehow!

  2. I've already emailed my local cinema^^ I really hope it will be shown somewhere in Switzerland!

  3. Oh, to be in that theater right now... I wonder if there are any previews...

  4. I had to work and couldn't get out of it or I would have gone to TO & maybe caught a glimpse. I imagine the place was an utter zoo. It was reported in the paper that the after party for this film is one of the hottest tickets for TTFF. Jimmy Page is about half an hour away from me right now!! Ahhhh!!

  5. Wonder about that party, how it's going right now.


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