Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Led Zeppelin's music featured at MerleFest

While Led Zeppelin didn't make an appearance at MerleFest 2008 (was anybody predicting this?), the group's music did. The Waybacks chose to perform Led Zeppelin II in its entirety for the Hillside Album Hour on Saturday afternoon. Here are some clips from that performance:

John Paul Jones has been semi-regular at the annual MerleFest in North Carolina over the past five years. He first attended in 2004 when he was taking mandolin lessons from Chris Thile. He returned the following year, performing together as members of Mutual Admiration Society. In 2007, Jones performed again at MerleFest, sitting in with Uncle Earl, the Sam Bush Band, Donna the Buffalo and the Duhks.

This year, Jones was assumedly overseas, readying for an onstage performance April 30 with Robyn Hitchcock at Bergenfest in Norway.


  1. Steve,

    I see you really getting into this Country & Western theme.... Ouch... Clips of Led Zeppelin PLEASE.. not * tributes* Or was it because of the LEMON SONG....

    Squeeze this.... :)

    Rich from Long Island

  2. Rich:

    The Waybacks are far from a Tribute Band. Can you not hear how amazing the acoustic guitar player is knocking out riffs that were played by Jimmy on an electric guitar?

    As usual, Steve brings out aspects of Zeppelin that no other person ever touches let alone can source.

    Keep up the GREAT work Steve, whether Country & Western or otherwise.

    Sheldon from Toronto

  3. Thanks, Sheldon. Actually, it's funny this topic comes up again, as I can now add a link to an article in the Examiner discussing the thought that went into playing this Waybacks set.

    See http://www.examiner.com/x-344-SF-Music-Examiner~y2008m8d21-The-Waybacks-part-II-A-whole-lotta-Zeppelin-then-but-dont-expect-a-whole-lot-now

    When I saw that story, I sent the link to some friends of mine who play with me once a year. I play gigs all year round as the keyboard player for several bands, but these guys aren't even stereotypical garage band dads; my friends play even less than those guys.

    Yet I was able to inspire them to join me in a run-through of The Dark Side of the Moon in its entirety one night last month, and in the same week Abbey Road! They were great!

    In case you're interested, I wrote more about that experience here: http://stevepsauer.blogspot.com/2008/08/modern-day-harold-hill-but-with.html


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