Monday, October 14, 2002

London Times reports Led Zeppelin reunion tour certain; could it be true?

The London Times has just reported that Jimmy Page, Robert Plant and John Paul Jones will reunite for a concert tour in the United States to take place in the summer of 2003. People are writing me on a daily basis saying that contracts have been signed. I receive e-mails from John Paul Jones himself with no comment.

As I've said before, history says don't believe the hype. History says there are a lot of people who want it to happen. History says there are a lot of people who expect it to happen. History says it might be considered. History says it might even be SERIOUSLY considered!

But history says IT WON'T ACTUALLY HAPPEN. I would be surprised if it does happen. But if it does, and if they call themselves Led Zeppelin, I want to introduce them at a concert, telling tens of thousands of people: "Hold onto your seat. Here comes Led Zeppelin!"

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