Wednesday, January 26, 2011

What's next for Robert Plant?

Note: This is the first article from Brian Gardiner to appear on this site. This guest columnist, who's been authoring his own Ramble On blog, will be posting here from time to time.

Enjoying their critically acclaimed tour, Robert Plant and the Band of Joy are predominantly playing music from their self-titled album. Each of those songs is a cover version, an interpretation of someone else's music.

The question Plant fans always have in the back of their mind is what's next for Robert Plant. In an interview airing recently on The Pulse of Radio, Plant hints that new, original music is coming from the Band of Joy:
"We're talking, we have to write songs now. It's all very well celebrating other people's songwriting ... But we've got to head that way soon."
Photo courtesy of Wyatt Brake
Getting excited about what Robert Plant is going to do down the road is a fool's bet, in this case possibly more so than usual. In a Rolling Stone interview released just two weeks ago, Plant says he's done with songwriting:
"I've kind of given up writing. All my writing is sort of meandering. The last time I picked up a pen was when Tony Blair became a Roman Catholic."
In the same article, Plant talks about the abandoned recording sessions with Alison Krauss in 2009, for what would have been a possible followup album to their Grammy-winning Raising Sand. "The sound just wasn't there," Plant notes, explaining why the sessions didn't result in another album.

Led Zeppelin fans who were anticipating a reunion in 2008 will recall Plant at times suggested a reunion could happen, and certainly Jimmy Page and Jason Bonham anticipated that it could.

Which is to say that pinpointing what's next for Robert Plant can be a moving target -- even, I have grown to suspect, for Robert Plant. Is the Band of Joy going to write new material, or is Robert Plant finished writing? Nobody knows, but time will tell.


  1. Is Robert Plant done with songwriting? All he's saying now is he'll try again, it seems to me.

    In the Rolling Stone interview, which by the way was conducted while Plant was on tour last July but appeared in print only recently, I think his emphasis on the point of songwriting was just that it had been years. Even in that statement, I think, lies a tinge of resolve to do something about that state of affairs.

  2. Robert Plant is definitely going to write new music. He's recently stated such. He's ready, he has the right band with the right talent and now it's definitely going to happen. His touring schedule seems to be taking a break from early February through March which may be when it all begins. And remember, with Robert, it all gets accomplished very quickly when it's right and the sound is there and after seeing him live recently, the sound is DEFINITELY there. Very exciting.

  3. I'd love it if he would come to the Coach House in San Juan Capistrano, Cali. Alison Krauss can come, too, if she wants (wink wink nudge nudge).


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