Thursday, January 6, 2011

Opera covering Anna Nicole Smith's life story involves John Paul Jones on bass

John Paul Jones is involved in an upcoming opera about the life and death of Playboy model Anna Nicole Smith.

"I'll be playing in the pit for some of the time, with the basses," Jones tells Classic Rock Magazine, "and I'm also on stage playing with a jazz trio with Peter Erskine."

Erskine is a drummer, composer and professor (see his official biography).

"Anna Nicole," an English-language opera, debuts at London's Royal Opera House on Feb. 17 and runs for six performances through March.


  1. Lemon Squeezings The text of this opera was written by the same librettist previously responsible for an opera on the life of Jerry Springer. What do you think of Jerry Springer as the subject of an opera?

    I'm not sure if the Springer opera covered the subject's days with Cincinnati's city council, where he allowed a Led Zeppelin concert to go forward even after associated rioting.

    Anna Nicole represented a whole lotta love...


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