Friday, January 21, 2011

Turning down Led Zeppelin: Steven Tyler? Ronnie Wood?

The story about Steven Tyler supposedly having turned down an offer to record with Jimmy Page in 2008 has gotten a lot of traction on the Internet over the past few days, with a majority of the stories missing the point that their would-be collaboration was never intended to become Led Zeppelin.

But in the meantime, a new interview has surfaced in which Ronnie Wood says he'd once been asked about possibly joining Led Zeppelin. And he said no.

This interview is part of the episode of Carol Miller's "Get the Led Out" airing on U.S. radio stations this week. The episode also includes new reflections on Led Zeppelin from Wood's Rolling Stones bandmate, Keith Richards.

Miller, the New York-based DJ who hosts the 60-minute weekly and one-minute daily installments of "Get the Led Out" for a national audience, writes on her blog at
This week on "Get the Led Out" we're playing interview clips with two members of the Rolling Stones.
First, Keith Richards has been doing press for his autobiography, "Life," which is a national bestseller. He took some time out to give us his opinion of Led Zeppelin, and it turns out he didn't think much of the band. He's hot on Jimmy, but Led Zeppelin never "took off" musically as a band, in his opinion. 
We also caught up with Ronnie Wood, whose autobiography "Ronnie" came out in 2007. He remembers being asked to join Jimmy Page's New Yardbirds, which was to become Led Zeppelin. At the time, Ronnie was playing bass for the Jeff Beck Group, also under Peter Grant's management. Ronnie reveals what he thought when he first saw John Bonham! 
Their interviews are included on Miller's blog page at and also air on this week's 60-minute episode of "Get the Led Out." Check with your favorite local classic rock station for air times or to request the show.

Disclosure: Steve Sauer is a consultant to Carol Miller's Get the Led Out and editor of

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