Saturday, January 22, 2011

Buddy Miller, trendsetter: Band of Joy follows guitarist's lead in donning cold-weather hats onstage for Michigan encore

Photos by Wyatt Brake
Trendsetter alert.

It was wear-your-funny-hat at last night's Robert Plant show in Ann Arbor, Mich. The theme of the evening was brought on by Band of Joy guitarist Buddy Miller, whose choice of cold-weather cap was shaped like a Viking helmet.

Wonder if any Michiganders immediately thought of the Land of the Ice and Snow, or "Immigrant Song"!

Buddy Miller is a trendsetter because the rest of the band, including Plant, returned to the stage for the encore set similarly attired. More photos below, all courtesy of Wyatt Brake.

Also, here's the set list according to Wyatt:

January 21, 2011
Hill Auditorium
Ann Arbor, Michigan

Angel Dance
Please Read The Letter
Down To The Sea
Rich Woman
House of Cards
--Patty Griffin sings ____ [not "Move Up"]
Central Two-oh-Nine
--Darrell Scott sings "Satisfied Mind"
Silver Rider
--Buddy Miller sings ____
You Can't Buy My Love
Houses of the Holy
Satan Your Kingdom Must Come Down
Oh What a Beautiful City
Tall Cool One
Ramble On
Gallows Pole
--Encore Break--
Harm's Swift Way
Rock and Roll
I Bid You Goodnight

Playing the part of Larry, Darryl and Darryl are,
from left, Buddy Miller, Robert Plant and Byron House.

Marco Giovino on drums 
Robert Plant, Patty Griffin and Darrell Scott
Also see Wyatt's complete album of photos from the show.


  1. I was at that show and did, in fact, wonder if they were going to do Immigrant Song. Love to know the name of the song Buddy Miller sang. I thought it was killer

  2. Thanks for posting the setlist and funny hat pics. I also was at the show, and thoroughly enjoyed it. I think the Buddy Miller song was "Trouble," but I don't know that for a fact.

  3. Patty Griffin's song was reportedly "Love Throw a Line" and Buddy Miller's turn in the spotlight was "Somewhere Trouble Don't Go".

  4. Chad, the song is "Somewhere Trouble Don't Go" He wrote it with his wife Julie Miller.


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