Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Speculation on Jimmy Page supergroup unfounded

Yesterday's LedZeppelinNews.com post relating to a possible project with Jimmy Page was unfounded, the result of a misinterpretation. Kevin Shirley has clarified that the list of guitarists he has recorded -- Page, Clapton, Perry, Whitford, the three amigos of Iron Maiden, and all the rest -- is a record of his lifetime achievement, not a list of people he has had in the studio recently, especially not together (imagine that many guitarists plugged in, outside of a jam at a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony).

LedZeppelinNews.com approached Shirley for clarification too late, after not only having posted its own misinterpretation of his comments but after other music sites began speculating on a Page/Clapton/Perry/Whitford supergroup or even a Yardbirds reunion. Some sites listed Lemon Squeezings as the source of such speculation.
In particular, Mog made it seem as though Shirley had said in his diary Page, Clapton, Perry and Whitford were going to be in a supergroup. Shirley responded on that site, saying:
And Michael Schumacher will drive the bus... Gordon Ramsey will cater and Spielberg will do the video!!!

It's pretty silly to read between the lines, but I guess it adds hits to the page.

After this, Shirley clarified in an e-mail to LedZeppelinNews.com today:
Hi Steve,
Thanks for the mail.
Unfortunately, it's a misread -- all I said was I am recording a legend (and I have done plenty in the past), and this guy is seriously thrilling!
The Page/Zep thing is not what it is.
There is a supergroup -- there is a classic rock remix, but the speculation is all misguided.
I don't forsee [sic] any future Led Zep related projects, but who knows.
More in the fullness of time.
Thanks again for writing. All the best,
LedZeppelinNews.com regrets the error.

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