Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Them Crooked Vultures U.K. broadcast this week

  • Some live clips are emerging from last night's show at the Roxy in Hollywood. See below.
  • The band plays the Wiltern in Los Angeles tonight, at the Fox Theater in Oakland on Thursday, at the Paramount in Seattle on Saturday, and at the Roseland Theater in Portland on Sunday.

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  1. For some great commentary from Dave Grohl and Josh Homme about the formation of their new group with John Paul Jones, check out their long interview with the Australian news outfit, the Herald Sun.

    My personal favorites:

    Dave Grohl is asked which he prefers: the Beatles or Led Zeppelin. He gives an answer and then even acknowledges how political he sounds: "You bastard! OK, you know both of those bands represent something very special to me. The Beatles were my introduction to what my idea of a rock band is and I learned guitar from listening to The Beatles. And I learned how to play the drums from listening to Led Zeppelin. I think that answer gives me a shot at being President one day."

    Dave's drumming has advanced, and he admits it. From the article:

    "'It is the best drumming I have done in my entire life,' he says. 'John Paul Jones played with John Bonham, he's already played with the greatest rock drummer of all time, so knowing that, I don't feel any pressure to impress the guy. I just want to make him happy.'"

    True. Dave's drumming has progressed over the years. I just picked up Nirvana's Live at the Reading Festival DVD/CD set yesterday, and he wasn't a bad drummer. Hey, I still marvel at his work on Nevermind. But he really upped his game when JPJ entered the fray, and I applaud him for that.

    The Herald Sun article then goes on to state:

    "Homme, a man not to be trifled with, says family and friends were given a 'pretty serious gag order'. 'As it progressed and our close friends started to know about it, people were told 'If it's you (who leaks) at this point, you are in big f---ing trouble'."

    It does not mention that Josh's wife was the first to leak. I don't know what Josh thought of it, but I have heard through one source that JPJ was very upset. A source at Antiquiet said the PR people tried to backtrack on the comment and keep them from printing it, but they had it on tape and there was no restriction on using the quote at the time so it was fair game.

    Also, finally, Homme says:

    "I can't wait to make another record [with Them Crooked Vultures] because in the end, it was so much easier than it should have been and honestly, it's the hardest record I have ever made. You have to climb Everest eventually."

    That makes two in favor, since JPJ has already said he's in for round two. Now we just need Dave's approval. I bet it's not a stretch to say he'll approve.

    Too bad for the other guys in the Foo Fighters, although this article does say they have their own things going on too. I just hope they last quite a while because it would be great to have a lot more from Them Crooked Vultures.


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