Thursday, November 19, 2009

Second Them Crooked Vultures album promised in interviews

So, is it unanimous? Them Crooked Vultures should make a second album? I'll round up what the band says in just a moment ...

This thing I got on iTunes this Tuesday morning is hot. I am so proud to be able to tell my grandkids someday that I was at a show on the first Them Crooked Vultures tour.

(And when they say, "Who?.......")

Well, how about that second album? Who's ready?


Hell yeah, John Paul Jones wants a second album. This is only the best band he's ever been in, or so he says. Wait, did he just compare his current project to Led Zeppelin -- and TCV wins? He can't be serious!! In case you missed it, check out what he said. Here's the highlight, though:

"I hope there's maybe going to be another album. I don't have a band that's going to call me back – the other two do. But they're going to have to fight me for them because we're having a bit too much fun at the moment."
That's what John told Australia's Nova 91.9 FM as published Nov. 10 and summed up here. He'll have to contend with Queens of the Stone Age and Foo Fighters before there'll be another Them Crooked Vultures. The one group has "fighters" in its name. Oh well, Jonesy seems up for the challenge anyway.

OK, what about those other guys in the Vultures? What do they have to say about it?

Yeah, he's in. Here's the scoop:

"I can't wait to make another record [with Them Crooked Vultures] because in the end, it was so much easier than it should have been and honestly, it's the hardest record I have ever made. You have to climb Everest eventually."
That's what Josh told the Herald Sun, also Australian. This dude's obviously in.

So, if my tally is correct, we have two out of three, which is a majority but not binding unless it's unanimous. So, what's our lone holdout, Dave Grohl, have to say -- now that he knows what his bandmates would like?

(Wow, Dave Grohl and John Paul Jones are bandmates! I love reciting that! Let's just say he's not the only one to have dreamed about it.)


The answer comes, this time, not from Australia but from Canada: Alan Cross of "the world's largest global newspaper,", poses his open question to the band whilst seated with them at Homme's Pink Duck Studios in Los Angeles.

How far can they take this? Dave props himself up against some pillows on the sectional. A big grin spreads across his face. "As far as it will go."
For those of you keeping score, it's a tie game. They've all now admitted, at least once each, that they're in for round two.

So, the question is no longer: Will there be a second album? There will.

The question becomes instead: Will it be right away, or will they be doing separate projects first?

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  1. Josh Homme in an interview for Record Store Day: "We set out to be in a band that's vital and a very modern rock 'n' roll band, you know? But hopefully unlike other modern rock 'n' roll bands. This doesn't have a time frame. We're not doing stuff like that. This should go on as long as it's supposed to go on. Until we believe it's not good, and then it should stop immediately. And I think especially because of the pedigree of this band, we shouldn't rest. We're playing five nights a week. And we should. Because you should be hungry and lean and if you've got a name you should be showing why you've got a name, not sitting on top of it."

    Dave Grohl as quoted by NME: "When we make our second record, it's going to be even more powerful than this one."

    John Paul Jones on the preparation for the first album, in an interview for the New Zealand Herald: "We were getting to know each other as we were making the record which is the best way to do it really because as you explore the person you explore the music at the same time - and the music is part of the person. For instance, I knew what Queens of the Stone Age sounded like, but I didn't know Josh played guitar as well as he does. He's a very interesting musician in general. And obviously I know what Dave does, and I knew Nirvana, but I'd never really banged out rhythms and grooves with him. He's actually a very groovy drummer. We made a good rhythm section together. So it was nice to explore rather than hang out with them for an awful long time and then talk about everything and then try and do something."


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