Sunday, April 5, 2009

Jimmy Page joins induction ceremony's all-star finale for 'Train Kept a Rollin''

Having just performed "Beck's Bolero" together a few minutes earlier, Jimmy Page and Jeff Beck strapped on guitars for the second time Saturday night, to join the newly inducted Metallica and Ron Wood, and others, in an all-star jam on "Train Kept a Rollin'."

James Hetfield handled vocals for the song, introducing "Mr. Beck" as the first guitarist to take a solo. Wood appeared to stay in the background alongside Page, while Kirk Hammett and Joe Perry of Aerosmith seemed like the other guitarists responsible for solos.

For one moment, it looked as if somebody was behind Page, perhaps helping to reapply his guitar strap. Hopefully, I'll have some confirmation of this later. For now, see the picture to the right, taken from the YouTube video below.

Immediately following Beck's induction was Metallica's, which saw two members recognize Page and Beck by name.

Bassist Robert Trujillo was the first to drop their names, saying:
"Wow. This is extremely special, amazing. All of my favorite superheroes in the audience tonight -- Jimmy Page, Jeff Beck. This is a wonderful moment for me."
Trujillo then mentioned his parents by name, and his father in particular, "for turning me on to such great music of all styles -- no rules on music: Whether it is mariachi music, flamenco, James Brown or Led Zeppelin, we had it in the house."

After Hammett thanked several people, he turned his attention to Beck and Page and two others in the room:
"I'd also like to throw a message to Jeff and Jimmy and Joe [Perry] and Ronnie [Wood] over here because you guys have helped shape my own musical talent. Thank you, guys."
Metallica's original guitarist, Dave Mustaine, attended the Led Zeppelin concert at the O2 arena on Dec. 10, 2007.

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