Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Them Crooked Vultures ready for U.S. radio

Two months ago, before Them Crooked Vultures had much of anything on its official Web site, a few hoaxes about the band were passed around the Web that were later determined to be a hoax.

One was an alleged promotional image declaring an album name, Never Deserved the Future, along with a supposed street date of Oct. 23. That date will evidently pass this Friday without a release by the band.

However, new music from John Paul Jones and his current bandmates may be heard on U.S. radio as early as this coming Monday. If this report today by FMQB is accurate, Interscope will be distributing "New Fang" as the band's first promotional single to rock stations on Oct. 27. will be working to confirm this independently. (Update: reports it likewise could not confirm this with a label rep, even when it was able to publish a full track listing -- see below.)

Singer Josh Homme confirmed in an interview that the Vultures debut album would be released in the United States on the Interscope label and on Sony/BMG internationally. Homme also said it would be self-titled.

The rest of the FMQB report says the album is scheduled to be released on Tuesday, Nov. 17. This would precede the international release date of Nov. 23 that has been spotted on Amazon UK and other online retailers. (Update: Glasswerk National and the Music Magazine now both state the U.K. release will be on Nov. 16.)

Amazon in the United States does not currently list a release date for the album but offers several discs from the group's members and their past projects.

Update: The full track listing of the self-titled album by Them Crooked Vultures, as reported by, is as follows.

  1. "No One Loves Me & Neither Do I"
  2. "Mind Eraser, No Chaser"
  3. "New Fang"
  4. "Dead End Friends"
  5. "Elephants"
  6. "Scumbag Blues"
  7. "Bandoliers"
  8. "Reptiles"
  9. "Interlude with Ludes"
  10. "Warsaw or the first Breath You Take After You Give Up"
  11. "Caligulove"
  12. "Gunman"
  13. "Spinning in Daffodils"
Note: Not found above is the song "Highway One," which was debuted in the middle of this month's U.S. tour!

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  1. The band has now confirmed the release date will be Nov. 17:


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