Friday, October 2, 2009

Myles Kennedy takes to the stage one year after his brush with Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones

Throughout much of 2008, a Led Zeppelin reunion tour seemed possible. During the months that followed the band's December 2007 concert in London, encouraging words were coming from Jimmy Page, John Paul Jones, Jason Bonham and even, at times, Robert Plant.

That changed about this time last year. As Robert Plant's tour with Alison Krauss was soon coming to a close, he issued a statement saying he was not going to be participating in any kind of recording or touring project involving Page, Jones and Bonham. Plant wished them well on whatever they were going to be doing.

For a time, there remained a distinct possibility that Jones, Page and Jones would still collaborate on a tour and even an album without Plant, in a new band other than Led Zeppelin. They were said to be jamming with various singers, even including Steven Tyler, but the one name that hovered around them as a distinct possibility for a singer was that of Myles Kennedy, of Alter Bridge. This year, as Alter Bridge's other band members hooked up with their former singer for a Creed tour and even a new album, Kennedy acknowledged he had been jamming with Page and Jones in 2008. While the rest of his Alter Bridge bandmates are on the road, Kennedy has been using his songwriting abilities and his guitar chops and vocals to work on a solo project this year.

This Sunday night at 6 p.m., he'll take the stage at Rams Head Live in Baltimore, Md., for a one-night charity event benefiting the Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center. Kennedy tells he won't be unveiling any of his new tunes. "I would like to roll out some of my solo stuff," he says, "but with the advent of YouTube that isn't an option." He'll opt instead for a combination of cover tunes plus perhaps material from Alter Bridge and his previous band, Mayfield 4.

In addition to Kennedy, the concert lineup is to include the Johnny Hiland Band, Orianthi, the Paul Reed Smith Band, and Davy Knowles & the Back Door Slam. VIP tickets, which include an open bar, run for $50 apiece. General admission tickets are $10. They are available here.

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