Tuesday, October 27, 2009

LedZeppelinNews.com giving away two copies of Zep photo book 'Good Times Bad Times'

Two copies of "Good Times Bad Times: A Visual Biography of the Ultimate Band" will go out today to the LedZeppelinNews.com readers who were the first to send me their complete U.S. mailing addresses.

Publisher Abrams Books, which released the 216-page hardcover book this month, provided two extra copies for this site to give away. (Update: Both copies have now been claimed. Congratulations to my readers in Texas and Tennessee who gets them!)

LedZeppelinNews.com printed a review of the book on Sept. 30. LedZeppelinNews.com also conducted an interview with Ralph Hulett, who contributed to "Good Times Bad Times" along with Jerry Prochnicky. Hulett says:
"Jerry Prochnicky is great for ideas. We go way back, and now we've done two books on Led Zeppelin. Jerry and I talked about doing a photo book. His initial idea was to do a visual biography. I said, 'This sounds great. I would like to be involved with that.' So, he did the research and came up with the ideas for the flow of the photos, and then I went ahead and took on the responsibilities of writing the captions and writing the introduction.

"We have quite a few photos of them. It's not just a book showing them onstage but places like the Chateau Marmont. It was an ancient hotel that had been used by Hollywood actors and producers, and so by the time Led Zeppelin came along, they began to love going there, and it became a home away from home for them.

"Later on, as they continued to enjoy playing in Los Angeles, they would be at the Continental Hyatt House, a place where you had all kinds of different, crazy parties going on all the time at the Continental 'Riot' House, they nicknamed it. In 1973, Neil Zlozower took the photo at the party of Jimmy Page with Lori Maddox, his teen-age girlfriend at the time. We have some photographs taken at the Hyatt.

"Various places that they would visit like that, we try to hit on somewhat. However, we also try to place Led Zeppelin in different locales throughout the book to show this isn't just a concert photo book. We have photos of them at home in England with their kids. We have them in different locations, so the book encompasses quite a few different locations and not just the concert stage."
More excerpts from Hulett's interview is scheduled to be broadcast on a future episode of Carol Miller's radio spotlight on Led Zeppelin, available in many U.S. markets.

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