Monday, October 27, 2008

Vocal auditions continue; Alter Bridge singer would juggle bands, bandmate says

The search for a new singer to join Jimmy Page, John Paul Jones and Jason Bonham is on, sources including Jones himself have confirmed either publicly or to news organizations.

Jones said as recently as yesterday that no one singer had been identified for his project with the other musicians. He did say the new music is loud and has been enjoyable for everyone involved.

His comments, delivered Sunday, were the first to come directly from any of the musicians after Robert Plant announced he had no intention of touring or recording with the others despite having joined up with them in December at Led Zeppelin's only full concert in over 27 years.

Two days ago, England's Daily Mail reported that Steven Tyler had been rehearsing with Page, Jones and Bonham, citing an anonymous source. Jones, in his spoken comments the following day, did not allude to any particular singers but said an announcement would be made only after a decision is made.

One oft-cited possible singer for Page, Jones and Bonham is Myles Kennedy, who is currently the vocalist for Alter Bridge, a Florida-based rock group that is scheduled to tour the United Kingdom and mainland Europe in November and December. This will include an early date, Nov. 8, in the Led Zeppelin base of London, that will be filmed for a DVD release. (This development is somewhat reminiscent to me of the Foo Fighters shows in London that were released on DVD earlier this year with an encore set including Page and Jones. I'm not saying history will repeat itself; I'm just saying it crossed my mind.)

For the first several weeks, none of Alter Bridge's members were known to be addressing the longstanding rumors of Kennedy's possible selection to join Page, Jones and Bonham. Guitarist Mark Tremonti has broken the silence in an interview published in Kerrang magazine, revealing that Kennedy would remain a member of Alter Bridge during time off with the British musicians. Tremonti says he welcomes the attention Alter Bridge would gain if Kennedy were to tour in some capacity with Page, Jones and Bonham.

Tremonti, a former member of Creed, formed Alter Bridge in 2004 with two other former Creed members and selected as their new singer Kennedy, who was singing for West Coast group the Mayfield Four. It was with a brief singing and acting role in the 2001 film "Rock Star" that Kennedy made his theatrical debut, giving him his first-ever connection to Bonham, who played drums for the movie's fictional band.

While Kennedy has not directly commented on his rumored link to Page, Jones and Bonham rehearsals, he did recently write on his official blog that he has been composing new music that could be used for a project other than Alter Bridge. He did not elaborate on what that project might be.

In August, Bonham became the first of the bunch to reveal he had been jamming with Page and Jones in England. Page offered sparse words early in September tempering media speculation that a Led Zeppelin tour or album was a certainty. Plant's announcement that he did not intend to participate in any Led Zeppelin activities followed at the end of the month, which coincidentally included the 40th anniversary of Led Zeppelin's first concert.


  1. i trust page and jones to find the right man. i have never been that jazzed about kennedy and im glad they are auditionng others. not because kennedy is not good or anything, but because hes just to "clean" somehow. to me, kennedys voice is well suited to a lot of things. he could sing pop or country or light metal or whatever.but hes somehow not zeepelin. Kenndys voice is "solid state" if you know what i mean. led zeppelin need a "vintage tube" throat. Myles kenedy is a line 6 spider amp. zeppelin needs a 65' fender blackface. thats the only way i can describe it.

    1. disagree with Solerso. What are you saying man. Myles has his name on vintage singers nowdays. One of the best singers of the world. His voice is totally amazing and diffrenet from others he can sing anything.

  2. I disagree 100% with solerso. This Kennedy guy has the vintage voice the three J's need. He is an amazing singer but not only that he is one of the better rock guitarist on the planet right now. This would really help back up Jimmy. How many guys could the get that could sing and play like Myles? not many.

  3. I think the whole idea is rediculous. To continue on without Plant is a insult to the music of Zeppelin.

  4. Here's a link to another interview in which Mark Tremonti says he would support his bandmate Myles Kennedy if picked to complete the Page/Jones/Bonham group:

    Also, he emphasizes no decisions have been made.


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