Sunday, October 26, 2008

Loud music on the way, says John Paul Jones

What's keeping Robert Plant away from reuniting Led Zeppelin comes down to the music, John Paul Jones said Sunday.

Speaking before a crowd during a question-and-answer session in Exeter, England, Jones addressed for the first time reports of rehearsals involving Jimmy Page, Jason Bonham and himself.

A YouTube video of the Mansons Guitar Show workshop has Jones saying he and the others are working on "loud music." They hope to announce something soon, he said, "because we really want to do it."

As for what singer (or singers) would be involved, Jones told the crowd, "I'm afraid there's no final answer yet."

The audience member asking Jones the question did not invoke the names of any of the singers mentioned as having been involved during the rehearsal stage, nor did Jones volunteer any particular names.

He did, however, confirm that "the odd singer" has often been involved and that they are enjoying playing together. He praised Bonham's creativity and repeated that they are "really having a lot of fun, just rehearsing."

At first, Jones playfully responded to the question by issuing his own: "Who wants to know?" And after providing his full answer, he decided against taking any follow-up questions, opting instead to play some music. The audience reaction apparent in the video was not one of disappointment.

"As soon as we know, which we don't, we will let you know," said Jones. He re-emphasized this point in his closing, adding, "When it does come, it'll come, and you'll know about it."

The big difference between this trio and Plant, according to Jones, is the style of music now they want to play. "We really want to do something, and Robert doesn't want to do this sort of thing -- at least for the moment," he said. "I don't really know what his plans are."

"He doesn't want to make loud music anymore," Jones said of Plant. "I mean, I like acoustic music. I love acoustic music, but it really doesn't stop me liking turning something up and just smashing the hell out of it."

Oh, you mean like TVs?

"We really hope that something's going to happen soon because we really want to do it," said Jones.


  1. thanks, this is fabulous news and i think we have waited a long time for it. when you said odd singer did you mean old singer?

  2. Which does he say in the video, old or odd?

    I like the phrase "loud music." Reminds me of the name of that film, "It Might Get Loud." This is Jonesy telling us, "You know what? It WILL get loud."

    And as for Plant, does it seem like even Jonesy is holding out a little hope that Robert will still come around and change his mind?

  3. holding out some hope, i think. what was great to see was his genuine enthusiasm for playing some "loud" music with page and bonham. i have also heard that "people close to plant in the business", like clapton, phil collins, steve tyler and joe perry, are trying to convince him that at least SOME participation with zeppelin is the right thing to do. like jones said who knows?


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