Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Denials begin to surface on reports of Led Zeppelin tour without Robert Plant

Some reporters, following up on rumors of a possible Led Zeppelin reunion in the works with Robert Plant being replaced, are saying they are being told that is not what is going to happen.

OK, now pay attention. What exactly are they being told is either not possible or hasn't been confirmed?

Jason Gregory, who has been pursuing Led Zeppelin reunion rumors for Gigwise, writes that he obtained such a statement when speaking on background with a source connected to American singer-guitarist Jack White. The source, said to have spoken on condition of anonymity, told Gregory, "I do not believe you can have a band called Led Zeppelin, singing Zeppelin songs, without Plant."

Gregory writes that the comment was designed by White's camp to distance the singer from speculation that he could be taking Plant's place in a reunited Led Zeppelin. That's one way of looking at it. Another way says that a band could be in the works that would not be called Led Zeppelin.

Anonymity was also invoked when MTV News reporter Chris Harris had an insider address the issue of a reunion, as he reports. Harris writes that "a source close to Led Zeppelin" denied press reports of a Led Zeppelin reunion with Myles Kennedy of Alter Bridge on vocals instead of Plant. As quoted in the news item, the source tells Harris, "They are just rumors. Nothing has been confirmed at all. There's been no talk of a Zeppelin tour!"

Harris seems to interpret that as a denial of Kennedy's involvement in rehearsals with Jimmy Page, John Paul Jones and Jason Bonham. The reporter seems to dismiss the idea of the Alter Bridge singer joining the members of Led Zeppelin based on it being such a remote possibility and utterly far-fetched.

Harris first doesn't realize that the insider who gave him that quote could have been more accurately identified as a source close to Page, a source close to Jones, a source close to Bonham, or whatever the case may be. Led Zeppelin isn't a working band per se, so its people are working with the individual people who were members of that band when it existed. R-r-right?

In the same way, the source's comment that there is "no talk of a Zeppelin tour" has the same ring to it as the statement from White's camp to Gigwise. A band could be forming with Kennedy or White on vocals, and that much of the rumor would be true. But the rumor can be dismissed as false because they're addressing the possibility of that resulting band being called Led Zeppelin.

Hmmmm. I'm seeing a pattern here. Ask about a band called Led Zeppelin with a singer other than Plant, and you get the answer that it's not going to happen.

Then what about the crux of the rumors, that Page, Jones and Bonham have been doing something together to bide the time while Plant was unavailable? Take your band called Led Zeppelin out of the equation, and you might be on to something!

Maybe these reporters ought to go back to their respective sources and ask the question over again but this time not attach the name Led Zeppelin to it. See if the answer changes!

Incidentally, Harris of MTV News also notes that "Kennedy is not available for a five-minute phone interview." He even tried to contact the people surrounding Twisted Sister singer Dee Snider, who last week was shown online explaining that Kennedy had been rehearsing with Page, Jones and Bonham and would be singing on tour with them if Plant did not want to. No call back from Snider's folks, Harris writes.

An interview with Plant and Alison Krauss aired this weekend on the CBS News program "Sunday Morning." It was recorded over a month ago, while the two were in New York on their tour, and it included Plant blowing off a question about whether he would reunite with Led Zeppelin.

When asked the question, Plant first jokingly attempted to change the subject by commenting on the look of interviewer Katie Couric. He then provided the answer that a Zeppelin reunion was so far from his mind while touring with Krauss that he didn't even have the time to ponder the idea.

Since then, Plant issued a statement in the tour's closing days that he would not participate in a Led Zeppelin reunion tour or any tour, or even record with Led Zeppelin, for the next two years.


  1. May Robert Plants cock fall off.

  2. Hahaha! What would that ever accomplish?

  3. Satisfaction from millions of dissapointed fans?


  4. What does refusing to accept the responsibility of ones own most important work accomplish? what does doing nothing accomplish?At least plants noodle falling off would contribute in some small way to the need of the universe to return to a highly dipersed energy state.AND it would be more entertaining than that absysmal, boring, derivative "raising sand" affront.

  5. Let's just face it, Plant could give a Rat's ass about us, his fans.

    Maybe, finally there will be a fan revolt against him and he will find out that most of the fans that were supporting his solo stuff were just Led Zep fans hoping and craving for thank you tour.

    His next record sales will probably tell.


  6. Steve,

    I just watched the clip from the CBS morning show.. So Robert Planet does not know who that guy was. I'll tell you this he will know the * replacement guy* soon enough.. He's a A Hole.. But,As you know I saw Led Zeppelin 11 times, I feel bad for all those who did not..

    Rich ( MSG.73.75.77) And the The World Premier of TSRTS at Cinema One Oct.20.1976

  7. I never attended a Led Zeppelin concert. I was too young to go to any of their shows on the other side of the planet during the first year of my life.

    I also never met Sir Isaac Newton, who lived before me. Sure, I'd like to, but it never was possible.

    I've never met Bob Barker, who's still alive, and perhaps I never will. He lives far away, and now that he's not hosting a game show anymore, the chance of meeting him has severely diminished.

    I never witnessed firsthand the fall of the Berlin Wall, nor did I step foot on the moon. I just wasn't in the right place at the right time.

    I may never meet my great-great-grandchildren. If I even have any someday, I might be gone before I have a chance to meet them.

    I'm not going to go out and start assigning blame to anyone for these unfortunate circumstances. They're beyond my control.

    Led Zeppelin may never reunite again and give me and millions of others another chance to see them perform, and it doesn't really matter to me "Who's to Blame."

  8. Steve, im with you. I pledge never to post about robert plant again. I think the conversation should move away from him. He will be happy, and so will the rest of us who wont have to endure his bizzare put downs and derogatory comments about Led Zeppelin and their fans. I dont know if they will ever play again as Led Zeppelin, but i am CERTAIN, they could excell without their former singer, and if they choose to, i will be listening with an open mind.

  9. Terry Reid...Terry Reid...Terry Reid...Terry Reid...Terry Reid...Terry Reid...Terry Reid...Terry Reid...Terry Reid...

  10. Hey annoymous terry reid fan althought this is an old post if your out there, i have to say i just checked out the old boy on you tube and all i can say is DAMN! he sounds like he did in 1970(Unlike another singer we know!), hasnt lost a note. although, he LOOKS as though hes been at the bottle pretty hard for the last 40 years. i would agree with you that reid could EASILY, sing ANY zeppelin, as good or BETTER than plant, EVEN TODAY, but im concerned about his health.

  11. A reader named Laura wrote me the following on Oct. 14 after reading my entry here:

    I'm an FBO lurker and frequent reader of your blog. Bravo - I totally agree with today's comments: in fact, I posted much the same thing yesterday on Planet Zeppelin.

    [She then quoted the MTV story, which said: "... But a source close to Led Zeppelin — who spoke to me on condition of anonymity — said, 'They are just rumors. Nothing has been confirmed at all. There's been no talk of a Zeppelin tour!'" Laura continued.]

    Can these people not ask the right questions, or if they asked it report it that way? "Are there any plans for JP, JPJ, JB to make new music and/or tour together?" "Will there be a new singer?"

    Asking questions within the framework of Zeppelin makes them very easy to deny.

    [She then stopped quoting her post to Planet Zeppelin and continued writing to me as follows.]

    Ask the wrong question, you don't get the right answer: I learned that in High School journalism class but apparently others skipped that lesson. I do have one tiny observation about today's blog: Robert's website statement didn't say "he would not" participate. It actually says "Robert has no intention whatsoever of touring with anyone for at least the next two years." If you're looking for nuanced meaning in one place, you probably need to apply it everywhere. As they say, hell is paved with good intentions! Just my .02, but "I won't" seems a LOT stronger statement with far less wiggle room than "I don't intend to." Robert has shown time again his mastery of the subtleties of language and I'm sure that statement wasn't crafted in five minutes on the eighth cocktail napkin! I'm pretty sure the wiggle room is there on purpose.

    Keep up the great observations and thanks for all you do for the community!


  12. Steve your correspondent Laura made a couple good points. Although to me, she is making the same "glass half full" statements that all the plant true beleivers make, right after they damn even the possibility of zeppelin without plant.(what if -plant died tomorrow?) I read the same entry at Mtv, it focused mainly on plants statement, followed up with the comment she quoted "from a source close to the band". I dont believe ANY of those statements anymore, and i doubt anyone else should either. for myself, im tired of looking for "nuanced meanings". i wish some favorite musicians of mine would stop acting like politicians. JpJ is making an appearnce at Mansons in London the 25th and 26th, maybe he will answer the question directly.


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