Friday, October 10, 2008

Myles Kennedy sidesteps rumors of involvement with Page, Jones

Myles Kennedy, the American singer and guitarist who has been rumored for weeks to have been sitting in with Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones in rehearsals, has offered no comment on the speculation.

In a blog post on the site of his band Alter Bridge two days ago, Kennedy speaks of his daily routine as going in a studio to write new material. He says he has been very creative this autumn and that he has determined some of his new music would work better in a separate project other than Alter Bridge. That Florida-based group is scheduled to tour the U.K. and mainland Europe in November and December.

Jones and Page have so far been absolutely mum on the rumors that they have employed an American singer to rehearse with them. Kennedy's blog post on Oct. 8 is his first in months; in it, he confirms for his fans that he is still alive. But just like Page and Jones, he maintains silence on the well-publicized rumors that have brought his name to a more widespread attention.

Through deductive reasoning, this indicates one of two things:

  1. The rumor is true: Kennedy has been sitting in with Page, Jones and Jason Bonham too. However, he can't reveal it because has been sworn to secrecy; an official announcement from Page and Jones is yet to come.
  2. The rumor is false, and Kennedy doesn't mind the attention. By keeping the rumor alive, he benefits from continuing to receive the increased attention and intrigue that inherently comes with his name being linked to the greatest band of all time.

So, we know nothing more than what we did already, and we still just have to wait for the official word from the major players involved.

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  1. HMMM is right."A different project, other than alter bridge"? When i looked at his page a week ago i was struck by how much of it was devoted to him talking about how much he was into being in alter bridge now, and how it was his big priority these days.He dosent strike me as the type to tempt fate by deliberately encouraging, or fostering rumors about signing with zeppelin. He may be a "great guy", and a good singer but he seems pretty smart too. Smart enough to know how bad it would hurt a reputation if something like that backfired.Oh the speculation of it all!I'll go ahead and put my "reputation" on hte line right here (not much to lose there)I predict that an album is basically done. Page is producing it, Atlantic is preparing to sell it, and we will be able to hear it as early as Christmass, no later than March.


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