Thursday, June 3, 2010

Roger reiterates Page plea; Daltrey wants work with Led Zeppelin guitarist

For the second time this year, Roger Daltrey has taken his desire to make music with Jimmy Page to the press.

"Why not?" the Who singer says in Uncut magazine. "I'm a huge fan, and he's such an immense talent -- a wasted talent at the moment, it's criminal."

Daltrey's interview figures into this piece by Neil Spencer, published in Uncut's June 2010 issue and focusing on a possible end to the Who.

Discussing the topic of continuing to collaborate with Pete Townshend, his only fellow surviving original member of the Who, Daltrey shows his age. He says things such as, "Our bodies are beginning to give up on us," and "I'm really enjoying singing again, but you have to be realistic -- I'm 66 f---ing years old!"

A few remarks of Daltrey's are aimed once again at coaxing the Led Zeppelin guitarist into some kind of a working relationship with him. Daltrey says, "I would love to get together [with Page] and put a bit of fire into things, just to show that we're still alive and kicking -- and can kick well!"

Earlier this year, Daltrey said in an interview with BBC Radio 6 Music's Shaun Keaveny, "I'd love to do something, I'd love to do an album with Jimmy Page. He needs a singer to drive him. I'm a great blues singer. I don't sing the blues with the Who, but that's what I used to be before Townshend started writing. I was a great blues singer."

This is Jimmy Page we're talking about, named one of "The 30 Greatest Classic Rock Heroes" in the latest special collectors edition of Guitar Legends magazine currently on newsstands. He must have no shortage of offers coming in from people with their eyes set on having him as their guitarist.

One such offer may have just come in from one of Page's former bandmates in the Firm, drummer Chris Slade.

A May 26 article for the Contra Costa Times focusing on artwork by former Metallica bassist Jason Newsted says "he received a message from former AC/DC and The Firm drummer Chris Slade, who texted he was 'looking for (Jimmy) Page and Newsted."

Laughs Newsted:
"Jimmy Page and Chris Slade. What time do you want me there? When you get called by your first name by guys whose posters you used to have on the wall -- and still do, as my dad has kept my old room the way it was with the posters of Led Zeppelin and Aerosmith and AC/DC -- surreal is the word for it."

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