Thursday, June 10, 2010

Black Country Communion provides details of September album release

Along with the scheduling of a release date this September, the Black Country Communion supergroup has officially announced the track listing of its debut album, Black Country.

The album -- featuring Jason Bonham on drums, Joe Bonamassa on guitar and vocals, Glenn Hughes on lead vocals and bass, and Derek Sherinian on keyboards -- is to be released:
  • Sept. 20 in the United Kingdom on the Mascot Records label
  • Sept. 21 in the United States on the J&R Adventures label
In this regard, the album follows the release of Robert Plant's Band of Joy by exactly one week.

The name of the album, Black Country, is almost nearly a self-titled one. Would the band have been legally allowed to keep its earlier announced name of "Black Country," it would have worked out that the band, the album, and the first song on that album are all identical.

The track listing of Black Country is as follows:

  1. "Black Country" (parts of this title track can be heard in the EPK on the band's official Web site)
  2. "One Last Soul" (only original Black Country Communion track previously performed live)
  3. "The Great Divide"
  4. "Down Again"
  5. "Beggarman"
  6. "Song of Yesterday" (Joe Bonamassa, lead vocals)
  7. "No Time"
  8. "Medusa" (remake of song originally recorded by Glenn Hughes's previous band Trapeze)
  9. "The Revolution in Me" (Joe Bonamassa, lead vocals)
  10. "Stand (At the Burning Tree)"
  11. "Sista Jane" (shared lead vocals between Joe Bonamassa and Glenn Hughes)
  12. "Too Late for the Sun" (shared lead vocals between Joe Bonamassa and Glenn Hughes)
The album was produced and mixed by Kevin Shirley and mastered by Bob Ludwig.

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