Saturday, February 19, 2011

Robert Plant unsure of Led Zeppelin reunion odds; singer tells BBC, 'I don't bet'

By Brian Gardiner

Robert Plant spent an hour sitting in with Chris Evans on the "Chris Evans Breakfast Show" on BBC Radio this morning. The singer is in London between legs of his American tour -- a schedule that is dictated by the Wolverhampton Wanderers Football Club. You have to "plan your career, set our priorities right," Plant quipped.

Led Zeppelin was, Plant also offered, a lot like the Wolves: really good some nights, really bad others.

In good spirits, Plant even pontificated on that question he hates answering. The Led Zeppelin reunion:
"All those big guys saw it as being the next big roll out. Led Zeppelin was worth far more than that ... it was great to do it once properly."
And then, unprompted, he went further:
"What happens in the future really is based on kinship, camaraderie. Whether or not there's life in the old beast."
If you're a betting man? Evans asked. "I don't bet," Plant answered.

Evans also asked Plant to pick the better guitarist: Jimmy Page or David Gilmour?
"Listen to Pagey. Jimbob. He's wild. He's brilliant."
It was, no contest, Plant said. He also suggested he talked to Jimmy Page yesterday, and would see him again Wednesday.

He has been accused recently of not getting along with the other members of Led Zeppelin, so it's good to hear he's on terms with Jimmy Page, even if they won't be working together soon.

About the Band of Joy, Plant said he was pleased for Patty Griffin winning a Grammy. But:
"You gotta be sharp with this lot, because they do soundchecks, which I never knew about. Then they go and eat broccoli."
And while it occurred to Plant a person had to look after themselves, he still likes a drink, which is OK because "a lot of musicians are drinking again."

For an early morning radio show Plant sounded in good form, and offered quips about many people. Paul McCartney, for instance, was the first person to hug him after his Grammy winning night for Raising Sand. And who gave him the shortest hug? Alison Krauss.

Listen to the show here.


  1. Thanks for providing the link! That was a fun listen - Robert was in excellent form with his usual quick wit.

  2. It was a really good show, as Wyatt said, Robert was on top form - what a great guy!


  3. Robert is still so brilliant and sincere...

  4. And He keeps the Zepplin Tease Alive!


  5. Then they eat broccoli!!?? Funny

    The Ocean

  6. Robert enjoyed the spotlight after the fall of Led Zeppelin, magic will allways depend on the origanal members, Robert on his own has never been able to replace that.


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