Monday, February 28, 2011

John Paul Jones-composed opera to be produced in 2013

By Brian Gardiner
Hot off an on-stage part in the Royal Opera's "Anna Nicole: The Party Always Ends," John Paul Jones is set to compose an opera himself. Jones has been involved in work to compose an opera based on the Isabel Allende short story, "The Judge's Wife."

Jones's opera composition is set for a fall 2013 production. It is to feature a libretto by Amanda Holden and direction from Gerald Thomas. Stuart Stratford has been pegged as conductor.

In December, Jones and Thomas met at the Hoxton Hotel in London to discuss the opera project. Their meeting appears on YouTube.

Thomas's current play, "Throats," features a piano composition by Jones. It is currently playing at the Pleasence Theatre in London through March 27.

"Anna Nicole" has two more performances at the Royal Opera House: on Tuesday, March 1, and Friday, March 4.


  1. Oh God...This is just J.P. Jones !!! He has all the talent, the genius to set an opera...Just remember "No quarter" performance Earls court 1975 for example...Oh yes, J.Paul, amaze us again ! Good luck and take care !!

  2. John Paul Jones Is A Freakin Musical Genius - Period.


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