Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Jason Bonham to perform in really awesome supergroup

Dude, no way! This has to be bullcrap. Or maybe just mistranslated.

We have a Norwegian paper and a festival Web site that both seem to be claiming our friend Jason Bonham is going to hook up with some really famous musicians for a show in Oslo, Norway.

On guitar, you have chain-smoking Gn'R axeman Slash. On vocals, you have the Sabbath-crooning, bat head-chewing, obscenity-spouting pater familias Ozzy Osbourne. And on bass or guitar or whatever he damn well pleases, we have the O'Doul's-swilling Faces and Stones vet Ronnie Wood.

Imagine how lucky these stars of the '70s, '80s and '90s will be to have the direct descendant of Zep skinsman John Bonham pounding away for them!

Good for Jason, good gig!

The show takes place June 30 at the Quart Festival in Oslo, Norway. In case that's all this lineup does, you may want to check into flights now.


  1. I'd see this band. I have to wonder what they will play.. likely covers from their respective bands(or parents band) and maybe a one or two originals. I can't see Ozzy singing a Zep song, but maybe he would surprise me. After watching Ozzy's MTV show, I have doubts about his mental/physical heath.

    B A

  2. Yes, probably a bunch of covers plus some new Slash material. I for one would like to hear Jason drum on "Paranoid," which original Sabbath bassist Geezer Butler admitted to author Mick Wall was their way of copying Zeppelin's "Communication Breakdown." Personally, I hear "Paranoid" easily being combined with instrumental sections of "Communication Breakdown" and "Dazed and Confused."

    If Ozzy doesn't want to sing any Zeppelin, that's OK because somebody else can. I think that's Slash's plan anyway, to bring in a few different singers and have them take individual songs and switch off. That's what good ol' Blabbermouth has him saying -- see

  3. Dayum Steve,
    This could either be one heck of a show or a total disaster. Funny thing is I'd like to see it either way.




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