Thursday, November 27, 2008

Two worthwhile blog posts elsewhere

I found two things online today that deserve to be promoted here:
    Some reverent thoughts about what makes Led Zeppelin so unique and timeless appear on this blog dedicated to Canadian musician Ian Thornley. The piece relates to what Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones ought to do musically after forming their new band featuring Jason Bonham and a yet-unnamed singer. The author also asks some good questions about what influence Page and Jones might glean from collaborating with bandmates who are decades younger.
    The consistently good Tight But Loose author Dave Lewis drums up another round of eloquence in his lastest Diary entry, which opens with his reaction to the unexpected death of drummer Michael Lee just days after his 39th birthday. Lewis then segues to his thoughts on the holiday shopping season (which will be very much underway in the United States in just a few hours) and the early Christmas gift in 1982 that was Led Zeppelin's first posthumous album, Coda.

Both of these are worth reading, I think.

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  1. I thought this news realayed on FBO is worthy...

    More information on Michael. God Rest his soul.

    Funeral services for British drummer Michael Lee (ROBERT PLANT, LENNY
    Wednesday, December 3 at 10:45 a.m. at Darlington Crematorium in Darlington,
    England. All flowers and cards can be sent to:

    John Meynell Funeral Service
    150 North Road
    County Durham, DL1 2EJ
    United Kingdom

    Daniel Stanton of Coallier Entertainment, which has worked with THIN LIZZY
    in the past, said in a statement to BLABBERMOUTH.NET, "The results of post
    mortem was a seizure, apparently the worst one he could have had.

    "Michael passed away at his flat (home) in Darlington. He was found at his
    home by his friend and police on the floor beside his bed.

    "Michael was out the night before [he died]. He said he wasn't feeling well
    and went home to rest it off. When he didn't answer his phone the next
    morning, a friend had the police enter his home.

    "Michael will sadly be missed.

    "I have received endless calls from fans, friends and family members
    surrounding Michael's death.

    "The guys in THIN LIZZY are crushed, I have spoken to people in the Robert
    Plant camp who have also expressed the same. Spike from the London QUIREBOYS
    has been dedicating their shows each night to Michael. Dave Ling from
    Classic Rock magazine is said to be doing a feature on Michael Lee in an
    upcoming issue.

    "We will all miss Michael. His boyish smile, his humor, his love and his
    talent, [but] most of all, we will miss his friendship.

    "Michael died way too young. He shares his death with Freddie Mercury of
    QUEEN and drummer Eric Carr of KISS who also passed away on the same date.

    "We love you, Michael. You are forever in our hearts and your music forever
    in our souls."

    Michael Lee was born Michael Gary Pearson on November 19, 1969. He landed a
    gig in Robert Plant's solo band in time for 1993's "Fate of Nations" album
    and stayed with the LED ZEPPELIN singer when he reunited with Jimmy Page in
    1994. The drummer toured extensively with the ZEPPELIN duo and appears on
    both PAGE & PLANT's official albums: 1994's "No Quarter: Jimmy Page and
    Robert Plant Unledded" and 1998's "Walking into Clarksdale".


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