Monday, November 10, 2008

Source: Page, Jones, Bonham watch Alter Bridge in London; DVD filming postponed

There's been no official word from Jimmy Page and the guys on Led Zeppelin this past week, so we rely on inside sources and gossip instead.

Alter Bridge was scheduled to film a DVD at their London concert this Saturday night. I speculated that Page would show up for the concert with John Paul Jones and Jason Bonham in tow -- perhaps to appear onstage with the band's Myles Kennedy, the singer who is said to have been rehearsing new material with Page, Jones and Bonham.

Well, an inside source tells the Zeppelin guys did show up for the concert but did not appear onstage. Furthermore, the DVD was not filmed! A decision had been made to postpone filming to Dec. 7, when Alter Bridge performs in Amsterdam at the Heineken Music Hall.

The band apparently did use a handheld camera or three, though, to capture some of the onstage moments at London's Brixton Academy. No word if Page, Jones and Bonham show up in any backstage clips that may have been filmed, although the source reveals they were present at the side of the stage to watch the singer.

Does this signal it is all but decided Kennedy will sing on tour with Page, Jones and Bonham -- whether they would call it Led Zeppelin or not? No decisions have been made, apparently. Would it be an album and tour, or just a tour with no album? Still up in the air, the source says.

How about an album but no tour? Maybe Page is wavering about the possibility too. Some news site called Popbitch says so, relying on the account of a Led Zeppelin fan who supposedly heard from Page himself that he would never tour without Robert Plant.

tour without Plant? Except that he has. Many times. Don't count the times he toured in the 1960s before he and Plant ever met. Every time Page has been on the road since 1980, except for that short span of time between 1995 and 1998, it has been with singers other than Plant at his side. And almost every time, Page's set lists have had Zeppelin numbers in them.

OK, fine, history aside. Would Page tour without Plant ever again at this point? Yeah, I think he would. Page loves touring. Once he gets that itch, it's all he wants to do. And since he hasn't toured in the last eight years, he must be itching to go outside again -- especially since the world is clamoring for it based on the demand and overwhelming support surrounding his only onstage appearance last year.

You can take Jimmy Page out of the touring circuit, but you can't take the touring circuit out of Jimmy Page. And now that he's building a lineup for a new group that involves John Paul Jones, one of the greatest musicians he's ever played with, and Jason Bonham, who forms with Jones as great a rhythm section as Page will ever play with again, and with an enormous Led Zeppelin devotee at the microphone, how can Page ever resist the call of the road? Glandular fever?

No more garden incidents and broken fingers -- OK, Jimmy? Stay healthy!

Also on the rumor mill, has Robert Plant shown up in Orlando karaoke bars singing Led Zeppelin songs as a goof? That's what one New York City radio station has reported. Sounds like a joke to me, but I'll keep my eyes and ears open just in case.


  1. I think any time plant has a stab at a Led Zeppelin song these days its a joke. He might as well have a laugh too.

  2. If Page/Jones/Jason want to tour with this singer or any other singer.......I say do it! Just don't call it Led Zeppelin because its not! Suddenly David Coverdale isn't such a bad choice (NOT!!)

  3. Thanks for posting, Anonymous! It's like I have a twin out there.

  4. Did anyone capture some video of Robert doing karaoke in Orlando, home of Myles Kennedy? Because I am seriously doubting this story..

  5. Actually, Myles Kennedy is from, and still resides in, Spokane, Washington, not Orlando. The rest of Alter Bridge are from the Orlando area, but not Kennedy.

  6. Three weeks ago I saw Queen with Paul Rodgers.Ok he's not Freddie and,yes,it's different but it was the best gig I've seen for years.Robert can't sing Zeppelin anymore and he's been preventing any new Zeppelin music being made. Would I like to hear a new Zep album and see them back doing gigs? I sure would! Would it be the same with a different singer? See above.

  7. Robert Plant has lost his ability sing the high notes that he did in the 70's. That's why he sings and tours with bands using lower tones. He's vocal chords are not capabale of the levels he was able to perform.So, with all the other orginal members in place, and searching for a new lead singer, I say go for it. Someone who can belt out " Immergrant song, or the last part of " stairway to heaven", will be a strong indorsment to the upcoming tour.

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