Friday, September 19, 2008

U.K. tabloid cites source on replacing Robert Plant in Led Zeppelin

Make what you will of what this "source" apparently has told The Sun, a British tabloid:
"Jimmy, Jason and John are determined a tour will go ahead next year. They've been rehearsing frequently in London and the band is really gelling. There's an American guy who has been standing in for Robert regularly and doing a great job. Obviously they want the original frontman to join them on the road but he still won't commit. They will be finalising plans for shows over the next couple of months and will tell Robert that if he doesn't want to be involved they will go ahead without him."

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  1. Well get on with it then. From a link on plants page, he is "moving to a new space" "air and space are moving". could be a flashback, and perhaps T-bone farted. In any case he is no longer a "Delta Blues man" now hes discovered appalacian soul. This is perplexing to those of us who did not know he was a "Delta Blues Man" and also, how he managed to avoid "discovering" bluegrass music while playing with Jones and Page, for 10 years, in Led Zeppelin. Im wondering if hes forgotten III or maybe, hes just never listened to it. The last seems more and more probable every time he opens his mouth these days.


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