Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Pictures speak louder than words

A lot can be said for nonverbal communication, which happens to be the subject I studied in college two semesters in a row. So much is being made of the posture and facial expressions of the Led Zeppelin members who turned out to pick up their GQ award in London last night. Both the mainstream press and Zep fans in multiple online forums are taking stabs at interpreting what can be gleaned from examining a few photographs of the event.

The Sun uses a visual analysis of Robert Plant at the event to weigh in on any future collaboration among all three 60-somethings: "Hopes of a full-on LED ZEPPELIN reunion took a knock on the night. Bassist JOHN PAUL JONES and guitarist JIMMY PAGE both said they were keen to reform the band. But ROBERT PLANT, who had a long chat with Gavin & Stacey stars ROB BRYDON and RUTH JONES, looked unimpressed."

On both the official discussion group at and on For Badgeholders Only, fans today have been taking the phrase "Every picture tells a story" quite seriously. One user of both forums pointed to the photo shown above (from left, John Paul Jones, Dave Grohl of the Foo Fighters, Jimmy Page, and Robert Plant) and said that "the body language doesn't look real cozy." Pressed for further explanation in FBO, the user continued, "Look how Jimmy is posed facing slightly toward the middle of the pic as one would tend to do. Robert is clearly leaning away from Jimmy and has placed his foot and shoulder firmly in front of Jimmy as if trying to be dominant." Some agreed with such naysaying analyses, while others commenting were less skeptical.

Any comments from the peanut gallery?

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  1. It's a photo-op power struggle. Maybe Robert's still pissed that he wasn't mentioned in Jimmy's acceptence speech at Mojo. Seriously, though, these things are hard to critique because it's a quick snapshot in time and doesn't really capture the whole mood or event. Maybe one stepped back to say something to someone, maybe one was shuffling his feet. Maybe they did it all on purpose just to f*ck with us!


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