Friday, November 16, 2007

London's visual displays of Led Zeppelin spanned 5 nights

The Beatles may have performed live on a rooftop in London, but leave it to Led Zeppelin to surprise pedestrians with songs played on the side of a building.

Entertainment Technology Press reported today on a series of audio-video projections shown last week to build up to the release of Led Zeppelin's new compilation, Mothership.

At each of seven outdoor locations throughout the city over the span of five nights, the image of a clock and some audio effect signalled a five-minute countdown that earned the attention of those nearby.

"The audible countdown worked brilliantly by alerting people that something was about to happen, attracting sizeable crowds in all the locations," said Pod Bluman of Presentation Services Ltd.

Bluman was in charge of the effort to project the Mothership campaign at such locations as Trafalgar Square and the Science Museum.

After the countdown, a different 15-foot video was run at each location. Videos included classic live performances of "Black Dog," "Whole Lotta Love" and "Kashmir," each of which is available on a DVD packaged with the deluxe edition of Mothership, currently in stores.

A building-side projection of Robert Plant performing with Led Zeppelin is shown in the Entertainment Technology coverage.

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