Thursday, November 15, 2007

Fans pay top dollar for Led Zeppelin tickets

How much would you pay for two tickets to Led Zeppelin's reunion concert?

How about $171,600? That's apparently what one man thought seeing the band's first billing in 19 years is worth.

This auction, sponsored by the BBC, was the first of several charity auctions ending this month for admission to the show. It also seems to have signalled that the concert tickets are the most expensive in British history.

Kenneth Donnell of Glasgow, Scotland, was the high bidder in an auction to benefit the BBC's annual Children in Need appeal, BBC News reported today.

As part of his deal, Donnell and a guest will attend not only the concert on Dec. 10 but also a rehearsal, tentatively scheduled to take place the day before the show.

In an eBay auction, two tickets donated by Jimmy Page has so far drawn 54 bids from 19 individuals since Nov. 9. This auction, which is to raise money for the Page-affiliated charity Task Brasil, is set to end Monday.

The charity will stand to draw in more than $12,600, according to the current high bid.

A ticket auction is set to close Nov. 30 with a pair of tickets given to each of the three highest bidders. The package also includes passes for an "after-show party," about which no further information is currently available.

The Page-affiliated Action for Brazil's Children Trust is the beneficiary for this auction, whose current high bids range between $11,060 and $12,627.

Over the weekend, the Sun reported that the £5,000 reserve price for a pair of tickets auctioned on Seatwave would make them "the most expensive concert tickets in British history."

It appears that the BBC tickets, which raised £83,000, eclipsed that figure 16 times over.

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