Friday, September 7, 2007

One away from forty: An appeal to memorabilia collectors

This year marks the 39th anniversary of the formation of Led Zeppelin with today being the 39th anniversary of the two first-ever Page-Plant-Jones-Bonham concerts – which means next year's 40th anniversary celebrations ought to be bigger.

Annie Hollinshead is a contact of mine in England who has an idea for a fitting tribute. She would like to see an archive assembled of collectors' fine Led Zeppelin memorabilia and perhaps store it at Knebworth House, a particularly appropriate choice given the band's stellar 1979 performances on a stage at the Knebworth field.

"The exhibit will run for several weeks in the summer at Knebworth, and possibly later in the year in London," says Annie. "ABC Trust [the charity benefiting Brazilian street kids and for which Jimmy Page is a benefactor] is working on combining it with a photographic exhibition for Zeppelin, also for charity."

She is sharing the idea with several supportive folks and is attempting to contact the management for each band member and trustees of John Bonham's estate. For now, Annie says, "I need to spread the word to collectors. Even if they only have one item it would be much appreciated if we could borrow it. ... I told Knebworth and the ABC up front that if I couldn't get enough items we would just have to cancel it, but they think with Knebworth as a venue and the backing of the band and the charities, it will be successful."

Annie stipulates that all photographs shared for the cause must be approved by their original photographers and that no bootlegs will be included.

"I will be very pleased to speak with anyone who is interested in loaning us their memorabilia," says Annie, who can be reached at:

Annie Hollinshead
24 Rusts Lane,
Tel (+44) (0) 1480 896030
E-mail: ayhollinshead [at] hotmail [dot] com


  1. Hi Steve! Thank you for putting this up on your blog. I really appreciate it. And I will appreciate any fan who has memorabilia they may wish to loan to contact me. We definitely have Knebworth House. The owner has agreed to let me use one of his libraries for the exhibit, the library of Edward Bulwer Lytton, and interestingly, he tells me Jimmy is a fan of Edward!

    All the items will be watched over at all times while the exhibit is open, and will be returned to the collectors when the exhibit ends its run.

    I look forward to hearing from anyone who has something they would be willing to loan to raise money for the charity!

  2. Hi there,I'm looking forward to coming to this event and was wondering if i was to put some of my memorabilia in would there be any buyers there?and is there any word of any of the items being auctioned of?please reply asap thank you.


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