Tuesday, September 4, 2007

How feasible is Nov. 26?

What's the feasibility of a Led Zeppelin reunion concert in London on Monday, Nov. 26?

Robert Plant is pretty busy, but he doesn't have any shows scheduled at the moment. Jimmy Page hasn't played a concert in a while, and John Paul Jones seems to have a pretty open calendar when he's not working on his own album or another side project.

Also mentioned in this reunion rumor is Jason Bonham, son of the late John Bonham, now playing drums with Foreigner. According to their tour schedule, the band will just be ending a tour of South Africa with a show in Cape Town on Nov. 24. So that could put him up in England for a day of rehearsal on the 25th.

Now you may be thinking that's cutting it short. But of course, the few Led Zeppelin reunion gigs in the past have pretty much all happened on little or no rehearsal at all, so this wouldn't be unprecedented.

As far as a marketing standpoint for their new releases, the date would be excellent. Mothership is due Nov. 12 in the UK, with The Song Remains the Same soundtrack and DVD release exactly one week later, and that alleged concert exactly one week later. Three Mondays in a row of huge Led Zeppelin events? Genius.

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