Friday, September 23, 2011

Robert Plant, Patty Griffin debut Crown Vic lineup in Marfa, Texas

Well, this may be an early indicator of what Robert Plant's career may look like next. And no, it's not with Led Zeppelin.

But it does include their music.

No, Robert's not taking his own "Hot Dog" advice from 1979: "I'll never go to Texas anymore." He's long broken that rule.

On Thursday night, he appeared in Texas, as rumored, at Marfa's El Cosmico for the Trans-Pecos Festival of Music & Love. He and native Texan Patty Griffin sang with a band of Lone Star Staters called the Crown Vic.

Something tells me that name may already be copyrighted.

The band's got electric guitar, mandolin, keyboard and accordion, electric and acoustic bass, and drums. Griffin's on mandolin, too, besides singing and doing her one and only dance.

In uploading a video of their first song on YouTube, MarcDurbin identifies the band members with Plant and Griffin as "David Grissom (electric guitar), Michael Ramos (organ, accordion), Glenn Fukunaga (acoustic & electric bass), [and] Dony Wynn (drums)."

As has been the case with just about every Robert Plant band of the last 20 years -- wait, make that 41 years -- they do "Black Dog." Hmm, that could have been predicted.

Plant's set puts a Texas town seven hours west of Austin on the map. Hundreds are attending the festival in Marfa, reports Nathaniel Miller for Odessa American Online.

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Plant and Griffin are said to have been rehearsing in Austin with the group of local musicians. When Griffin goes on the road with Buddy Miller, Plant is expected to remain in Austin to continue working with Crown Vic.

Robert Plant's name does not appear on the festival poster. His appearance was rumored but not officially announced until the day of the festival opening. Previously, Patty Griffin was scheduled to appear with "special guests" who would be a surprise.
@SoundCheckMag posted on Twitter:
"Incredible! Mostly killer blues rock w/ some Louisiana accordion & beats. A few slow tunes too. [T]heir harmonies are perfect."
Miller added via Twitter that "Rock and Roll" also made Griffin and Plant's set list. KGSR's Andy Langer has uploaded "Misty Mountain Hop" to YouTube. (Hey, it seems like Plant's been listening to Led Zeppelin's untitled fourth album!)

Swan Percussion via Facebook
From Miller's report on Odessa American Online:
Singer Patty Griffin appeared on stage and introduced her band, including one of the most famous lead singers in rock history.

"I'd like to introduce you to my dear, dear friend, Robert Plant," Griffin said to an explosion of cheers.

About 300 people from around the state gathered in Marfa for El Cosmico's sixth annual Trans-Pecos Festival of Music and Love, and the crowd seemed remarkably calm and quiet. Attendees and vendors gathered to listen to music, eat food and drink beer.

Isadora McKeon, producer of the event, said the event was also helping those in need. "Five dollars of each preregistration ticket sold will go to the Central Texas Wildfire Relief Fund," McKeon said. ...

What started out as friends coming together at the building's location, turned into a two day festival of music, vendors and fun. "I'm proud of what we created,” McKeon said.

Since its inaugural festival, the event has grown into three days, with a show added on Thursday, and it will continue to hold events such as the baseball game between Marfa and Austin on Saturday, and have numerous vendors selling art, clothing and food. ...

People who attended the show said they were aware Plant would be at the show, but did not know for sure if he was really going to take the state.


  1. Good Blog. As a massive Led Zep fan I want to know why they are blocking access to their Guitar Tab in the UK, and I want to know who is responsible. I own nearly every LD record, on album and CD. I have bought several Led Zep guitar tab books. I am a fan, and I have paid. However recently they have also blocked access to ohter guitar tab online to users in the UK. Its a scandal. Who is getting ripp off from free guitar tab. Most tabs are not acurate and they just represent another way of interacting with your favourite band. Sorry Jimmy and Robert, did not realise that cash was tight, and this has really got me thinking....How could you and to British Fans as well...

  2. Thanks for the comment, Andy!

    As to Zeppelin tabs being blocked in the U.K., it is being reported all through Europe. It seems to have been this way for most of the year.

    But there was encouraging news back in March, when a Zeppelin fan in Greece reported having circumvented the block to download blocked "Stairway" tab. "Beerallica" was able to access the tab because its snapshot was still stored in the Google cache. Perhaps you'll have some luck trying this yourself!

  3. The show was swampy rock and roll with a Louisiana chanky chank rhythm all the way through. Griffin did a few of her own songs with Plant on tambourine. They played RICH WOMAN form Raising Sand but no songs from Band of Joy LP. In case you were not aware, Austin TX is home to hundreds of veteran session musicians, known as the Third Coast. It does not fit into the typical Texas profile.

  4. Check out this cool Led Zepplin cover/tribute band...

  5. I live in the uk and cant access led zeppelin tabs. Im reluctant to think its about the cash for them. i think the fact that you have to look harder for them and work on there songs from various sources (including listning very very closley makes there music that little bit more special becouse when you finaly do nail one of there songs itl be that extra good and youl be a better player for it ect ect.


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