Thursday, March 10, 2011

Travel package 'coming soon' for ZepFest 2011, site repeats

By Steve Sauer

ZepFest 2011's Twitter page says a travel package is coming soon for attendees of the Memorial Day weekend event to be held in Washington, D.C.

That's good to know since it's already mid-March, almost St. Patty's Day, and we should be booking hotel and flights shortly, wouldn't one think?

"ZepFest travel package coming soon." Sound like a tune you were humming last Halloween? Here's why that is.

Well, since you are watching this so close: VERY poor form - come May 27th we will see how 'shaky' this is - have to adjust the invite list.
The remark appears to be a reaction to a Lemon Squeezings reader who posted on Facebook:
"I think this zepfest is really shaky."
Also posted later on tonight by ZepFest:
"'Shaky' - oh yeah it will be & it will also be rattlin' & rollin' with: ✫Grammy Winners ✶Grammy Nominees ✬Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Members"


  1. Zep Fest is weak.....they promise 50+ bands; there aren't even 25 acts listed....everytime someone asks in a post about band updates, they just reply "stay tuned....". What a lame bunch of excuses. Tic prices are really high for a bunch of cover bands and really, really old acts (Vanilla Fudge and Yardbirds, puhleese...most not even original members and the ones that are approach 70). Alot of people are going to be disappointed $$$$$....

  2. I said this from the very beginning I heard of this back in sept. its very Lame planning. I got with most of my Zeppelin friends on facebook and most of them still don't know whats going on or now most of them are now backed out of the whole event. Yes its very shaky and yes too much money to spend,and its on a very bust travel weekend memorial day weekend. Come on now!!!! Who was the 13yr old who thought of this up??? Plus thats when all the kids from schools all around the country travel to Washington DC. Im putting my money into better use, im flying to Ft Lauderdale in a few weeks to see the real man himself Robert and The Band of Joy!

  3. absolutely; this is the most bizarre secretive undertaking I have ever witnessed...been in DC 25 years..I cant imagine they have sold tickets.

  4. zep fest cancelled....saw that comin a mile away! The promoter is prob on a plane to Brazil...

  5. Yeah thats what I thought. I said that from the beginning. I had it out with the promoter back in September, he sounded very unprofessional. Now wheres all that money he pocketed????


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