Monday, March 15, 2010

Them cryptic virals: Dave Grohl's 'Fresh pots' addiction

At first, it was anybody's guess as to any intended meaning behind an image appearing online today, which rock band Them Crooked Vultures accompanied with only the words "Coming Soon."

The cryptic image, shown at right, depicts a vulture, standing upright and dressed in a shirt and tie, pouring a pot of coffee straight into its mouth. After the Twitter account of Them Crooked Vultures linked to the image today, the image went viral, accruing nearly 4,000 views in five hours.

As to what exactly was "coming soon," a few theories abounded initially, although fans' guesses typically had little to do with the image of the coffee-slugging fiend.

Since Them Crooked Vultures is about to play some sporadic concert dates over the next few weeks, some fans predicted it would be another announcement of further shows that was "coming soon."

Another popular theory held this had to do with the second Them Crooked Vultures album promised in press interviews. Even though drummer Dave Grohl has expressed plans to end the hiatus of his other band, the Foo Fighters, and rejoin them for album recording sessions in September, a follow-up to last year's self-titled debut from Them Crooked Vultures is still said to be in the works.

The above guesses notwithstanding, the answer came within five hours, after fans had been given some time to stew over the coffee pot. It was a comical new webisode about Grohl's java intake. Barking his orders for the supply of joe to be replenished by an aide named Justin, the drummer repeatedly shouts, "Fresh pots!" The video, made public this afternoon on YouTube, is paced similarly to a segment of a typical reality show.

Depending when the scenes were shot, this video may indirectly signal the recording of a new Them Crooked Vultures album has been already proceeding. However, these could be scenes culled from footage of the rehearsals and studio sessions that led to their first album.

Members of the band, during an interview of the syndicated radio show Rockline last year, indicated a "documentary thing" had been shot about their rehearsals that took place before the band's existence was ever revealed publicly. Also, some in-the-studio moments were also featured on previous uploads on Them Crooked Vultures' YouTube page last year, while portions of new songs were being debuted online before the release of their album.

At any rate, an official newsletter from the band issued only this hour says "new 'in the studio' footage" would become available on the group's Amazon artist page on Sunday, March 21.

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