Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Jimmy Page confirms he'll return to Beijing for Show of Peace: 'I am just a musician and a guitarist at this concert'

Jimmy Page confirms in a new interview with China Daily that he intends to perform at the Show of Peace to be held in Beijing on April 17.

Separate confirmation of his plans to perform at the concert had been provided to LedZeppelinNews.com by a trusted source close to Page late Monday night.

Both confirmations appear to have settled earlier dispute over confirmations of his booking.

Page, who appeared in person at the Jan. 13 press conference in Beijing announcing the concert, was somewhat forthcoming in speaking with China Daily about his decision to play the show:
"It's such a noble concert, for peace. When you hear of something like this, you sure want to be part of it. ...

I am just a musician and a guitarist at this concert. ...

"Now, music is a fashionable thing. But a long, long way back, when I did music 40 years ago, the musical delivery was a communication among people. I think that is also the energy of this concert: for peace is to talk with people via music."

The communications company representing the concert organizer told LedZeppelinNews.com on Friday it was unable to confirm any artists that may have been booked, including Page.

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